Translation of postdate in Spanish:


posfechar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌpoʊs(t)ˈdeɪt/ /pəʊstˈdeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (contract/check) posfechar
    (contract/check) diferir River Plate
    • The Plaintiff paid $5,000 on October 30, 2000 and gave a cheque, post-dated for 45 days, for the balance of $4,194.
    • Whoever enters the Department of Finance next summer will find not only the reserves from which he can raid depleted, but he will find too many post-dated cheques in the ministerial drawer.
    • She added that she would provide two post-dated cheques for the balance, dated March 1 and April 1.
    • She says that ‘85 per cent of tenants allow us to deduct their rent directly from their bank accounts, while another 10 per cent send us post-dated cheques.’
    • I am, however, quite annoyed at receiving said post-dated cheque.
    • Just give them post-dated cheques with a wrong name, account number and even a fake signature.
    • He obtained money from them, which he put into the office or client account, and he issued post-dated cheques for the amount of the loan paying 2% per month in cash as interest.
    • In the alternative, the Husband may, on the written consent of the Wife, give the Wife 12 post-dated cheques each January 1, payable on the first of the month.
    • A dispute arose between the parties, in settlement of which the defendants agreed to pay to the plaintiffs £44, 816 by three post-dated cheques.
    • It had to proffer two post-dated cheques in satisfaction (both of which were in fact stopped and replaced by substituted cheques, only one of which was in the event met).
    • The promised payments were not made, and post-dated cheques were dishonoured.
    • This application post-dated the Notice of Proposal to Cancel your registration.
    • The Minister's latest post-dated letter of resignation is clearly designed to allow him to get past the twin obstacles of Westminster and local government elections.
    • Wonder if the gas company will take a post-dated check and an IOU?
    • Speaking of which, on the way to my friend John's office, there is a check-cashing place which advertises in huge letters in its window that it will cash post-dated checks.
    • There are no difficulties if the post-dated cheque is paid on or after the specified date, or even if it is paid before then and the customer does not object.
    • As a typical example, a $100 loan for 14 days would be secured by a post-dated, personal check and a ‘fee’ around $15 would be assessed.
    • He offered to buy the name, stock and equipment in a deal involving 12 post-dated cheques to the owners, each of £6,000.
    • I could write a series of post-dated cheques that his wife would cash each month.
    • To get this money, a service member must give the lender a post-dated check that includes the amount of the loan plus interest at a rate of about 300 percent.
  • 2

    (occur after)
    tener lugar después de
    settlement of the area postdates these fires el asentamiento en la zona tuvo lugar después de estos incendios
    • Two distinct, but possibly contemporaneous styles of structure are recognized that post-date the main phase of regional folding and its associated cleavage.
    • Much of the Apennine chain has been dissected by normal and strike-slip faults that locally post-date thrust structures.
    • After all, that ideal - freedom, happiness, and prosperity as the fruit of self-government - pre-dates America, and there is no reason to think it won't post-date America as well.
    • Any medical evidence post-dating the decision of the Adjudicator and the Tribunal can be the subject of further representations to the Secretary of State.
    • However, his acquisition of the publishing house post-dates this law by several years (details of this purchase are the focus of ongoing bribery investigations).
    • All metamorphic core complexes occur in orogenic settings, that is, in sites of previously over-thickened crust, and the extension always post-dates the thickening.
    • The mid-540s places the first exile about fifty-five years prior and post-dates the second exile by more than forty years.
    • However, the two algal groups have enough in common to be virtually certain that their divergence post-dates the origin of the Glaucophyta.
    • This is in distinction from Judaism and Christianity, in which the religious community both pre-dates and post-dates the existence of a Jewish or Christian political state.
    • On a regional scale, cross-cutting relationships do not allow us to conclude that one fault trend post-dates the other.
    • Definition of the boundary at this level would fix it at a position that clearly post-dates any time of major environmental change.
    • However, within the context of the Biblical record of human history, this individual is likely to post-date the dispersion from Babel.
    • This was a rather surprising finding given that rutile ages commonly tend to post-date the time of metamorphism.
    • Such a conclusion may surprise many, but it would explain why documented encounters with similar monsters post-date the time of European settlement.
    • Certainly its 1987 patents post-date the electronic organiser, which dates back to Psion's Organiser in the mid-80s.
    • These probably relate to settlement activity on the site and appear to post-date the burials.
    • The epithet post-dates the death of Akhenaten, who kept his monotheistic faith until the end.
    • Secondly, and in any event, even if there was a transaction it post-dated liquidation.
    • A major extensional event of Permian age post-dates all of these strata.
    • Both events clearly post-date the lower Rotliegend volcanism in the Southern Permian Basin where the volcanics give radiometric ages in the range 288300 Ma.