Translation of posture in Spanish:


postura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑstʃər/ /ˈpɒstʃə/


  • 1

    (of body)
    postura feminine
    (intentional) postura feminine
    (intentional) pose feminine
    she has very bad posture tiene muy mala postura
    • in a relaxed posture en una postura / pose relajada
    • Here's one stretch you can do that will help to strengthen your lower abs and improve your sitting and standing posture.
    • The rods are rigid and the portion of the spine that is fused underneath the rods will be rigid and help improve your sitting posture.
    • The physical exertion and sometimes intense stretching of the standing postures has prepared the body to be able to get maximum benefit from the floor series, most of which focus on the spine.
    • Quite often, simply balancing your sitting posture can reduce mid-back tension.
    • Part of the rehabilitation process includes minimising the sitting posture, as this places great pressure on the low back.
    • The evolution of China's ancient furniture is closely related to the sitting posture of ancient Chinese.
    • She assessed my desk, sitting and standing postures, before telling me that I was basically fine, but did I by any chance sleep on my side?
    • In the preceding paragraph the natural posture is explained as a standing posture.
    • Sitting, like other postures, is regulated all around the world according to gender, age, and social status.
    • You straighten my posture, leaving standing entirely up to me.
    • The standing posture is primarily used as a weight-bearing activity and for blood pressure regulation.
    • This mild workout helps improve your posture and balance through a combination of strength and flexibility moves.
    • I improved my posture - with my legs more flexed and my upper body more upright, I'm not over the ball as much.
    • An effective free weight program can strengthen your body, enhance your motor skills and improve your posture.
    • The popularity of the Pilates workout is its potential to change the body shape, stretch and lengthen the muscles, improve the posture and strengthen the conditioning.
    • Help may also be had through physiotherapy, advice on improving the posture, use of a soft surgical collar, advice on avoiding bending or stooping and on how best to carry weights.
    • I did a ten-week course last year, dragging myself to each session, and my posture improved and I learned some useful stuff.
    • Telling her she should cut her bangs, improve her posture, study harder or eat less between meals is not your business!
    • His posture improved so much that his clothes no longer fit.
    • Yoga practice can help improve your posture, breathing and concentration as well as reducing stress levels.
  • 2formal

    postura feminine
    to adopt a neutral/disinterested posture adoptar una postura neutral/desinteresada
    • Even before he moves I know how it's going to happen, I've read their postures and attitudes and I already have it planned.
    • Skepticism is a method of inquiry primarily, not an attitude or posture or philosophical viewpoint that denies entities or phenomena out of hand.
    • Arms-length disengagement or a perpetual posture of ‘standing ready to help’ is now woefully inadequate.
    • Washington's motives are widely distrusted and its various foreign policy postures are viewed suspiciously, even by long-standing allies.
    • There is no doubt that any set of procedures and presumptions will shape the negotiation and litigation postures of the parties to a custody dispute.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer poses
    adoptar poses