Translation of potent in Spanish:


fuerte, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpoʊtnt/ /ˈpəʊt(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(strong)

      (drink) fuerte
      • Recognizing that, there is certainly sympathy to be had for those who have fallen prey to the drug's potent effects.
      • There is no more potent symbol of state power than the death penalty.
      • But outspoken patients can be a potent force, heavily influencing whether a drug or medical device stays or is pulled from the market.
      • These powers can be potent when applied to markets.
      • And Errol Flynn in some pirate movie had a very, very potent effect on my 5-year-old imagination, and later fantasy life.
      • President Theodore Roosevelt, who in a fit of pique coined the term ‘muckraking’, called him a potent influence for evil.
      • Within the media, newspapers remain the most influential and potent sector, the cutting edge, which also happens to be the most accessible to the public.
      • The remedy has a particularly potent curative effect on chronic bronchitis, coughs, and asthma due to excessive phlegm.
      • Moreover, what makes this putative power even more potent is that it is believed to be clandestine and cliquish.
      • The curse remains such a potent influence on the lives of New Englanders that they will go to extraordinary lengths to try to lift it.
      • The fashion business has also recaptured the potent power of the cigarette as a sexual appendage.
      • Instead they can have very real and potent social and political effects.
      • The desire to do good, to champion the cause of love can become so potent a power in itself that it obliterates the ends.
      • They can be easily slipped into your drink - if it is an alcoholic drink, the effect is more potent.
      • His rolled-up-sleeves, straight talking approach and feisty willingness to speak truth to power is a very potent television image, if handled properly.
      • Their whole story (all forty years of it) is one massive, powerful, incredibly potent message against taking drugs.
      • Even a small dose of alcohol can have a potent effect on a person who is tired.
      • At the time, a new generation of drugs was raising hopes that the potent neurological side effects of older medications could be avoided.
      • That power is particularly potent when you consider that most of these unions each have well over half a million members and represent a critical segment of America's voter base.
      • Moreover, although the unions are unhappy and still potent, their power is less than his Labour predecessors endured 20 and 30 years ago.

    • 1.2

      (leader) poderoso
      (argument) poderoso
      (argument) convincente
      (symbol) poderoso
      her potent imagination su poderosa imaginación

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    • In the world of shunga, the men are perpetually potent.
    • 87% of previously potent men were impotent following surgery.
    • After 1910, it was medically recognized that sexually potent men can contribute to infertility.
    • Ninety-nine years old, he was, and still as sexually potent as when he was a young man.
    • Sexually potent males have regular erections during the rapid eye movement phase of sleep.