Translation of potion in Spanish:


poción, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpoʊʃ(ə)n/ /ˈpəʊʃ(ə)n/

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    poción feminine
    pócima feminine
    • Another drinks magical potions and teleports from rooftop to rooftop.
    • He unpacked enough magical stuff to start making potions and balms for healing again.
    • Like a sorcerer addicted to making magical potions, Li changed the formula again and again.
    • It is true that we later found no evidence of potions or magical weapons in her lair.
    • I am the wise old man of this place, and these people are forever desperate for advice and healing potions.
    • Some belief also existed in different types of witchcraft and magic potions for healing.
    • Although you can find or buy healing potions, they are expensive and lack potency.
    • She was busy looking through her cabinets at all sorts of magic healing potions.
    • When no-one could explain why someone had a disease, spells and magical potions were used to drive out the spirits.
    • They drank and drank those potions and elixirs that put out the fires or started them.
    • As if they'll somehow be the magical potions that'll finally make me better again!
    • The cavity can also be used to prepare medicinal potions for the client to drink.
    • The fact that the lovers do not know that they are drinking a love potion makes the potion truly magic, for they fall in love when they have drunk it.
    • On the bedside table is the paraphernalia of sickness: the pills and the potions, syringes, lubricants and swabs.
    • In times past, all kinds of potions, powders and pills were sold here.
    • As more and more of us live longer, and become more affluent, the race for new pills and potions to combat the effects of ageing is speeding up.
    • Money would be spent on improving our health instead of paying for more pills, potions and hospital beds.
    • They need constant care and protection, vitamin pills, potions against possible diseases, and so on.
    • He concocted a remarkable potion which, it was claimed, was so efficacious that many who were ill, even at the point of death, were restored to health.
    • While brewing the potion, he would sing appropriate songs and blow into the mixture through a tube.