Translation of poultry in Spanish:


aves de corral, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpoʊltri/ /ˈpəʊltri/


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    aves de corral feminine
    poultry farm granja avícola
    • poultry farmer criador de aves de corral
    • poultry farming cría de aves de corral
    • Specific arrangements may need to be put in place for poultry, horses, fish and exotic livestock.
    • The authorities are also conducting tests on dead domestic poultry found in another area of the capital.
    • Frozen turkeys or other poultry must always be thawed fully before cooking.
    • There are many pure breeds of poultry in the UK, some of which are quite rare.
    • He added that there was also evidence that playing certain music reduced stress within poultry as well.
    • Diseased and other poultry on the Infected Premises will be slaughtered quickly.
    • If horses and poultry live on these holdings, they can also be included in the collection scheme.
    • It would then be the duty of every owner and every person in charge of poultry in that area to comply with that notice.
    • Shanghai is the main consumer of livestock and poultry in the Yangtze River Delta.
    • If poultry are secured and lambing is done indoors, that would remove a food source for the foxes.
    • She milked the cows, reared poultry, made the butter and undertook a host of other chores.
    • Among the competitors were classes of cattle, sheep and poultry judged by the region's animal experts.
    • Half of that number are cow dairies and the other half raise beef cattle, poultry, goats, and sheep.
    • The poultry industry is backing the importance of good hygiene in the kitchen.
    • More than one million poultry have been culled since the start of the year in a bid to stem the spread of the disease.
    • The scheme now being introduced is a comprehensive one covering all farm animals and poultry.
    • I love the fact that I can feed my family on our own home-grown pork, beef, lamb and poultry.
    • There's lots of fish and seafood to be had, as well as a selection of poultry and red meat.
    • If a farmer wants to take a basket of poultry or a goat or two to the market, the bus company will be kind enough to help.
    • These included not only the normal range of meat joints and poultry, but also whole cattle and sheep.
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    (meat) carne de ave feminine
    (in recipe books) aves feminine
    (in recipe books) volatería feminine