Translation of pounce in Spanish:


saltar, v.

Pronunciation /paʊns/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    to pounce on/upon sb/sth
    • The cat pounced on it and took the meat to the back of the bar, under a pool table with a scarred, green felt surface.
    • One of the monkeys pounced on a woman holding a child, biting her arm before leaping back into the tree.
    • I was quite happy with that, so I couldn't believe it when the dog pounced on my dog.
    • Suddenly, without any warning, the cat pounced on me and dug its claws into the skin of my arm.
    • Like a living animal, the wood pounced on its prey, wrapping itself around the loathsome wizard.
    • The other smuggler tried to run, but the beast pounced on him and raised him into the air.
    • Both the beasts pounced on him and began attacking.
    • Before you could say ‘Quick, get the binoculars’, the owner's cat pounced.
    • Every time the butterfly would fly higher the kitten would pounce at the air and end up falling to the ground.
    • Then they were woken up by three dogs pouncing onto them.
    • But the creature pounces at her, grabs her, and throws her at least a yard away.
    • He stalks around and pounces and growls and roars if he feels that anyone is a threat to us.
    • And that's when the lion pounces and starts biting her hip.
    • When a predator pounces, simply escaping in the opposite direction is often the worst option.
    • She hesitated for a moment, and then pounced upon her prey.
    • Like a cat poised to pounce on his prey, he was ready.
    • The house seemed like a caged tiger ready to pounce on its prey.
    • The creature pounced again, but he avoided it by rolling to one side.
    • He almost screamed when a rat suddenly pounced out of it, squeaking madly.
    • A nearby wolf pounced on the bird first and the rodent scuttled to freedom.


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    salto masculine