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powder puff

borla, n.

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    borla femenino
    cisne masculino Río de la Plata
    • She tries in vain to reverse what is happening through the use of face powder and a powder puff, but with the knowledge that nothing can be done.
    • Not that the ad dwells on whatever it was he did, because too much chatter would distract from the footage of a younger, hipper Senate candidate massaging another man's face and applying powder with a pink powder puff.
    • Before doing anything else, she dabs her T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) with loose powder, using a large powder puff to pick up excess moisture.
    • ‘But melting makeup and shine don't mean you should be a slave to a powder puff,’ she adds.
    • A powder puff would then gently be dabbed on her face to even out any creases or blotches.
    • Tonalities of white and pink dominate the composition: the delicate pallor of her alabaster skin and the rosiness of her cheeks and lips are variously echoed in her gown and mantle, the cameo, tablecloth, and powder puff.
    • It looks like a giant's white powder puff that when cut reveals a smooth, pale cheese with an aroma that hints of lemon, milk and freshly mown grass.
    • It was funny watching Mr Tough Guy pat his face with this little powder puff, but I didn't dare tease him.
    • The final touch to Laura's ensemble is two handkerchief-wrapped powder puffs stuffed in the bosom of her dress to improve her bust line.
    • Applicators - sponges, brushes, powder puffs - pose the greatest risk of common contamination because they can harbor bacteria, dirt and oil from your skin.
    • Prepare to be amazed as Jeanne's creations mix traditional and non-traditional materials including powder puffs, hair clips and face masks.
    • I prefer to think of it as a miniature powder-puff, essentially feminine and quite irresistible.