Translation of power of attorney in Spanish:

power of attorney

poder (notarial), n.

nounplural powers of attorney

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    poder (notarial) masculine
    he has my power of attorney to sell the house le he otorgado poder para vender la casa
    • If he was told there was such a veto power or power of attorney, why did he not ask to see proof of same.
    • We've had conversations about her wishes; I have both financial and medical power of attorney for her, should it become necessary, and I'm the executor of her will as well.
    • There, the wife was not involved in the company, she was not a company director, her husband was simply temporarily incapacitated and she had power of attorney.
    • But she is in full command of her faculties and is quite adamant she does not want me to have power of attorney over her financial affairs - she can manage perfectly well, thank you.
    • And that son has her enduring power of attorney.
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    poder (notarial) masculine