Translation of powerless in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈpaʊ(ə)rləs/ /ˈpaʊəlɪs/


  • 1

    we are completely powerless no podemos hacer nada en absoluto
    • I felt completely powerless me sentí totalmente impotente
    • they were powerless to prevent the violence no pudieron hacer nada para impedir la violencia
    • These could be extremely damaging to local economies, which felt powerless to influence them.
    • I had my every move recorded and felt powerless to stop the intimidation.
    • They probably want to force their own ideas on a general public that is deemed powerless to stop them.
    • Many communities, especially those near schools, feel powerless to stop the march of the masts.
    • British politicians think that we are powerless to resist the temptations of convenience food.
    • They kept floating upwards and at first, even with my weight belt on, I was powerless to stop them.
    • I could hear myself snapping at my daughter and bullying my husband but I was powerless to stop.
    • This is set to take place on December 19 and the board seems powerless to stop it.
    • If the developers decide to put the road on part of the track bed then the town council will be powerless to stop them.
    • Many residents, who have had all their tyres slashed, say police seem powerless to stop it.
    • He feels helpless and powerless to do anything to change things for the better.
    • League clubs appear powerless to stop their top stars leaving, but a decade ago, the boot was on the other foot.
    • They do and we are powerless to stop it, like brittle ships fighting against waves during a storm.
    • He knew what was going to happen next, and the worse thing was, he was powerless to stop it.
    • They are laughing because, like us, they are powerless to dream up anything better to do.
    • Hundreds of people were kept awake in their beds by an all-night party because police were powerless to act.
    • Many don't even know there's a code of ethics, or if they do, feel powerless to enforce it.
    • The Government can control some areas of policy and are powerless to control others.
    • But the police said they were powerless to deal with them if they hadn't committed a crime.
    • This gradually ebbed as they seemed powerless to prevent their opponents decamping in their half.