Translation of praise in Spanish:


elogios, n.

Pronunciation /preɪz/


  • 1

    (credit, applause)
    elogios masculine
    alabanzas feminine
    he was full of praise for her se deshizo en elogios / en alabanzas para con ella
    • I've nothing but praise for him no tengo más que elogios para él
    • she spoke in praise of her staff habló elogiando / alabando a sus empleados
    • her dedication is beyond praise no hay palabras para elogiar su dedicación
    • he was loud in his praise orpraises of their heroism hizo grandes elogios de su heroísmo
    • to give praise where praise is due elogiar a algn como se merece
    • I guess all those praises and admiration finally got to me.
    • The least satisfactory aspect of the book is that which has received the most fulsome praise from certain critics.
    • The novel received extremely high praise from critics.
    • Every pro in attendance who analyzed the contest heaped effusive praise on the judges afterward.
    • The intense expression on the fox's face as it scratched in the sand won high praise from the judge.
    • But five men deserve special praise for their continued efforts.
    • Morocco especially has received lavish praise for its recent efforts and quite rightly so.
    • The people came together, the brethren sang praises to God.
    • Andrew's effort earned glowing praise from someone at the very top.
    • Young and old in Bolton welcomed a Royal visitor to town - and earned glowing praise from their VIP guest.
    • They were punished when they had done wrong and rewarded where praise was due.
    • Nothing but praise had ever been uttered about how the Isaacs got along together.
    • His days at Bootham Crescent continued to spark praise from all quarters of the club.
    • I'm watching and making tea, offering praise and encouragement.
    • The Harvard faculty fell all over themselves offering praise, one after the other, for the retiring president.
    • However, like most business correspondence, praise comes rarely and complaints come often.
    • Results suggest that a self-evaluation intervention had a positive short-term impact on teacher praise.
    • The natural contingencies of the typical classroom undermine frequent teacher praise and strengthen reprimanding behavior.
    • But most innings ended with smiles from the players and praise from the coaches.
    • Half of the female respondents and both male respondents reported praise from coaches.
  • 2

    alabanza feminine
    songs of praise cánticos de alabanza
    • let us give praise unto the Lord alabemos al Señor
    • praise be to God alabado sea Dios
    • praise be! ¡alabado sea Dios!
    • Together with you and me, and all the ransomed church, they will ascribe constant praise, worship and glory to the King of Kings.
    • Though our worship and praise add nothing to God's glory, we know that he takes great delight in it.
    • Music is not necessary to win the lost but it is a form of worship and praise to God.
    • Every morning, before we pray for our needs, we express our praise and gratitude to God.
    • Each day concluded with a Family Rally, consisting of worship, praise and an address.
    • As the stars and heavens learn the song of praise and worship, so do the inhabitants of the earth.
    • These are prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of praise, and prayers that ask for things.
    • What worship is and is for may be at stake in the argument between liturgical and praise worship.
    • Prayer, preaching and praise were the only church activities.
    • As you think about Jesus' goodness to you in prayer today, try writing your own hymn or prayer of praise.
    • On the spiritual plane we are to honour Almighty God with praise for His greatness and glory.
    • The psalmist had adapted this picture to refer to the spiritual offerings of prayer, praise and proclamation.
    • We were both raising our hands in praise and worship, shouting and singing to God.
    • The convention schedule sets aside time for some serious praise and worship.
    • It will entail habits of prayer, praise and a disciplined life lived for God.
    • The magi balance the equation of the entire cosmos singing praise to God's Word Incarnate.
    • You, please, sing the praises of my God, the Fearless.
    • Media content often reminds one of the praise songs typical of many African cultures.
    • There are two main categories of music: church music and praise songs.
    • Sotho literature is dominated by folktales and praise poems.

transitive verb

  • 1

    hacer elogio de
    we praised them for their efforts los elogiamos por sus esfuerzos
    • People appreciate and praise her, are warmed by her smile and nourished by her soup.
    • Widely praised by the critics, Paul has developed a distinctive voice and shows great potential.
    • Its dedicated team cannot be praised enough for all that it has achieved and what it continues to strive for.
    • Johnson's work was highly praised by critics and showered with awards.
    • The production values of the edition were lavish and were widely praised by reviewers.
    • The report has also praised the quality of the service's ensembles, some of which have gained national recognition.
    • Inspectors also praised the good behaviour of the pupils and their enthusiasm for learning.
    • The facility has been widely praised for its work.
    • Bradford bus chiefs today praised an initiative to curb bad behaviour on school vehicles.
    • And police today praised the high quality of information from tip-offs which has led to the surge in arrests.
    • She said the miniature displays had been particularly praised by the judge.
    • She recalls a performance by a fading opera star who despite a poor performance was praised to the heavens.
    • But the children have been warmly praised for their sensible actions in passing the information on to school authorities.
    • Eight youth projects from across the country were praised yesterday for their inspirational qualities at a ceremony in London.
    • She has praised all who help with the event in any way.
    • Firefighters praised staff for their swift actions in getting everyone to safety.
    • Both films were praised to the skies; and indeed, they are very accomplished.
    • How highly can we praise what, at root, is a very nicely executed imitation?
    • However, he did praise the efforts of the forwards who never stopped working.
    • Roosevelt has long been praised for his actions, but let us be clear.
  • 2

    praise the Lord! ¡alabado sea Dios!
    • When we have a good destiny, filled with joy and happiness, wealth and prosperity, we rejoice and praise the deity we worship.
    • Since the age of 11, he has been holding programmes where he sings songs praising the Goddess.
    • Of course, senility will come soon, and I praise the Goddess it has held off until now.
    • If only a person has eyes through which he can really see, there is a doubtless reality that every particle of this universe glorifies and praises the Almighty, offers his gratitude and bows down before Him.
    • When we use our limbs in accord with the sacred laws of nature, every action worships and praises the omniscient Divinity in all things.
    • We glorify him when we praise him, recount his blessings to us, and thank him for them.
    • Finally, Pentecost reminds us that each day is an opportunity to worship and praise God.
    • The rituals shown were just three examples of the many ways we can worship and praise God for his gifts.
    • Its purpose is to worship and praise God and not to be used as a tool to win the unsaved.
    • When they start their prayer, you may say a little prayer praising God and thanking Him for His grace.
    • It should be followed, as the Prophet recommends, with praising God, and with a prayer by other people.
    • Scripture exhorts us to praise God and we should keep this in mind when we approach this God in prayer.
    • How welcome were the mornings, in particular the morning a Christian woman came in praising the Lord in song.
    • Overwhelmed by the Spirit, these Gentiles began praising God and even speaking in tongues.
    • We praise God that our professors are giving their services freely.
    • Rather, every day is a day of mercy to praise Him for any blessing or every good thing He brings our way.
    • I could feel myself blushing and silently praising God that it could not be seen.
    • Praise the lord almighty, for things may just be going my way!
    • I praise God that the people responsible have a heart for God's people.
    • I will continue to praise my God under any authority, left or right.