Translation of prang in Spanish:


chocar (con), v.

Pronunciation /præŋ/ /praŋ/

transitive verb

slang, dated
  • 1

    chocar (con)
    • They prang their aircraft on the summit of that, however, and all die through lack of oxygen.
    • The shocked motorist rubbed her eyes in disbelief when she pranged her car.
    • They were, after all, responsible for not one but two of his family cars being pranged in the same bizarre accident three years ago.
    • So the next time you prang your car, check the calendar.
    • Just days later, the star pranged his brand new £117,000 Lamborghini sports car on Redbridge roundabout in Southampton, wedging it under the tow-bar of a Volkswagen Golf in slow-moving traffic.
    • He will have fled the scene (assuming his truck even stopped after pranging you), and the truck company's insurance may or may not cover you, but in any case could take months to sort out.
    • I barely got unstrapped, turned off the rotor brake, and turned the head in time to prevent the truck from pranging the tip cap on a main-rotor blade.
    • I decline, fearful of pranging his radio telescope observatory.
    • His nadir came in the shape of a double-bogey at the par - 5 seventh where he pranged one into the rough, another behind the green and, all the while, swished his club about in ill-disguised anger.
    • In 2001 I pranged my beloved, very cool 1970s BMW.
    • I counted the number of times I was pranged, bumped or rear-shunted (four).
    • As I was walking down from the carpark, a little old lady pranged her silver Peugot into the wall at the exit.
    • With no little panache, he swivelled outside the penalty area to prang a dipping shot beyond the goalkeeper, his first goal for Scotland and the first he has managed with his right foot since turning professional.
    • In the midst of what was an unsightly melee, the loose ball asked for any takers, and Flo was first to stick out a leg and prang it in off the underside of the crossbar.
    • And when he finally does come pranging in from behind, I don't want my kids to be one of the first things he hits.