Translation of prayer in Spanish:


oración, n.

Pronunciation /prɛr/ /prɛː/

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    oración feminine
    the power of prayer el poder de la oración
    • the king was at prayer el rey estaba orando
    • the Prayer Book
    • The milder and more beneficent forces of nature were addressed as female deities and invoked with prayers.
    • Human beings are addressing God in prayers for help against the inducements of the devil.
    • God answers our prayers because by addressing them to Him we acknowledge His Lordship and power.
    • So I am humbly requesting whatever prayers, good vibes and help you can muster.
    • He concludes with a section on famous prayers and another of prayers by the famous.
    • There are Shinto prayers and Shinto rituals, but the doctrine is minimal.
    • Sincere prayer also furthers the glorification of God, the goal of all creation.
    • I may be a sinner, but the sinner whom these prayers were describing was not me.
    • At each shrine you pause, and you say some prayers and you greet each deity.
    • A remote, retroactive intercessory prayer was said for the well being and full recovery of the intervention group.
    • Jillian said a silent prayer to the gods of all small percussionists.
    • Helen closed the door behind the man, and said a silent prayer of thanks.
    • I take in shattered breaths, gathering all the strength I need, uttering a silent prayer to God.
    • The conclusion that is drawn later is that remote, retroactive intercessory prayer is effective.
    • He muttered a quick prayer to God, asking him for forgiveness.
    • The church also offers intercessory prayers for public authorities, both ecclesiastical and political.
    • Anne prayed her prayer of thanks to the Lord for this gracious meal and heard Luke praying with her.
    • The core of the Muslim liturgy is the five obligatory daily prayers, whether performed alone or in congregation.
    • Just before the final dive into the Pacific Ocean, she is heard leading the sinner's prayer for salvation.
    • He fell to his knees, hands clasped in a prayer of thanksgiving.
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    (request, petition)
    oración feminine
    plegaria feminine
    a prayer for sb/sth una oración por algn/algo
    my prayers were answered mis plegarias fueron atendidas / escuchadas
    • the Lord's Prayer el Padrenuestro
    • to say one's prayers rezar
    • to say a prayer rezar una oración
    • Swan will carry the hopes and prayers of Ireland as the country's current equine hero seeks to retain his crown.
    • She started the restaurant when her marriage dissolved, on little but hope and prayers.
    • Our deepest sympathies, prayers and best wishes go out to our fellow citizens who were injured in the blast.
    • So we got a lot of work ahead of us, but you know, we need all the hopes and the prayers from everybody at home.
    • Villagers waiting more than 30 years for a new village hall hope their prayers will soon be answered.
    • The hopes and prayers of red squirrel-loving people everywhere march with you.
    • With a silent prayer hoping that her plan would work, she threw the talisman at the demons.
    • He could only hope that someday his prayers would be answered.
    • To them, and to all of you, it is my wish and regular prayer that this new year will bring peace and harmony.
    • You can send your prayers and good wishes to the families using the comments section below.
    • We asked girls to share their thoughts, their hopes, their fears and their prayers.
    • But they are hoping the answer to their prayers lies in a disused warehouse on Westlea Industrial Estate.
    • Just when she is about to give up hope, the answer to her prayers seems to fall out of the sky.
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    Morning/Evening Prayer oficio de maitines/vísperas