Traducción de preferably en Español:


preferentemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈprɛf(ə)rəbli/ /ˈprɛfrəbli/


  • 1

    de preferencia
    do it soon, preferably today hazlo pronto, preferentemente / de preferencia / si es posible hoy mismo
    • I'd like a size 10, preferably in red quisiera la talla 10, de ser posible en rojo
    • Ideally you would practice it in the sun, preferably outside or in a sunny room.
    • Ideally, lazy eye needs to be diagnosed and treated as early as possible, preferably before the age of six.
    • The session should be as short and as intensive as possible, preferably two or three days.
    • Muslims are required to bury the dead as soon as possible, preferably before nightfall on the day of death.
    • Each operative should be assigned as few tasks as possible and preferably one only.
    • When all the leaves have died back, leave the pot on its side somewhere shady, preferably outside.
    • Park in a garage if possible or park on a driveway, preferably with lockable gates and spotlights
    • The insoles fit neatly inside your shoes and are intended to be worn for up to a couple of hours a day, preferably while walking.
    • Couples should ensure that investments are held in the name of the partner with the lower, or preferably no tax code.
    • Carry your wallet in an inside pocket, preferably one which can fasten.
    • Find a large roasting dish, preferably the type with a rack so the fat drips through to the bottom.
    • Transfer to the fridge and leave to set for at least 3 hours, preferably longer.