Translation of pregnant in Spanish:


embarazada, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈprɛɡnənt/

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  • 1

    (woman) embarazada
    (cow/mare) preñada
    she's five months pregnant está embarazada de cinco meses
    • to get pregnant (by sb) quedar embarazada (de algn)
    • I was pregnant with Jane at the time en esa época yo estaba embarazada de Jane / estaba esperando a Jane
    • The practice of screening all pregnant women for syphilis in every pregnancy should continue.
    • In the United Kingdom over a quarter of pregnant women who smoke continue to do so during pregnancy.
    • Back at the centre there is a call from a young pregnant woman requiring telephone advice.
    • Boys are immunised, too, so that they won't be a source of infection to non-immune pregnant women.
    • A pregnant woman can transmit the infection to her baby during delivery.
    • Anti-inflammatory drugs are among the commonest drugs prescribed to pregnant women.
    • Now she was pregnant, too young to be legally married, and some difficult decisions would have to be made.
    • Midwives and pregnant women said that they found the booklets used in the intervention acceptable.
    • My wife and I were overjoyed when we did a pregnancy test confirming she was pregnant with our second child.
    • My problem now is that my youngest daughter is pregnant and she and her partner are getting married next year.
    • Free fruit through a supermarket voucher scheme is also planned for pregnant women and for preschool children.
    • Quinine alone is recommended now only for pregnant women, for whom no satisfactory alternatives exist.
    • The Department of Health advises pregnant women, to eat according to their appetite and to keep an eye on weight gain.
    • All pregnant women, whatever their age, should be offered screening before 20 weeks.
    • The occurrence of pruritus in pregnant women should be the subject of routine inquiry, and when present acted on.
  • 2 literary

    • 2.1(meaningful)

      (pause/silence) elocuente
      (pause/silence) cargado de significado
      (pause/silence) preñado de significado literary
      • This muteness is unsettling, somehow pregnant with infinite meaning and utterly devoid of any at all.
      • The direction perks up in the second half but overall allows too many pregnant pauses by the actors.
      • Fortunately, Shane comes to the rescue with a well timed pregnant pause - or is he asleep?
      • There was the most pregnant of pauses as the camera panned along the faces in the panel.
      • There was a pregnant pause, then Caitlin sighed sadly, reaching out to trace a finger over the figure on the screen.
      • What is left unsaid, is communicated through glances, silences and pregnant pauses.
      • There was a pregnant pause, and he continued, voice a little shaky.

    • 2.2to be pregnant with(full)

      estar preñado de literary
      estar grávido de literary