Translation of premier in Spanish:


premier, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈmɪr/ /ˈprɛmɪə/ /ˈpriːmɪə/

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    premier masculine, feminine
    primer ministro masculine
    primera ministra feminine


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    of premier importance de primordial importancia
    • Ten years ago, our nation's two leading rock critics declared the premier band of the era to be nothing but indolent hacks.
    • It was a rock star moment, epitomising the event, as truly a celebration of this country's premier rock band.
    • The national league is the premier competition in Australia.
    • Over the decades, Cash carved out his position as the premier purveyor of bluesy country music around, and his craggy visage is a picture of cool even today.
    • Further, the book will be of immense help to all those who are interested in keeping Indian agriculture in its premier position.
    • If anyone, Preddie was in the premier position to comment on calypso.
    • Milloy continues to be one of the premier players in the league at his position.
    • It's what Google needs in order to remain the premier search engine.
    • After two years there, he returned to Moscow and joined the Bolshoi Ballet; from 1899 he was its premier dancer.
    • We want to maintain this position as the premier hotel, first here, then in Thailand, then in Asia, and then maybe in the world.
    • At the same time, they will enhance Dubai's position as premier transit point to destinations around the globe.
    • That's why Faulk and James are considered the premier players at their position.
    • My understanding is that Leinart is being viewed as the premier player at any position in the draft.
    • He's one of the premier players at his position, but all bets are off if Manning gets hurt.
    • I was hitting against Bruce Sutter, one of the premier closers in the National League.
    • He is an excellent athlete and should be a premier defender at the position.