Translation of premise in Spanish:


premisa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɛməs/ /ˈprɛmɪs/

Definition of premisa in Spanish


  • 1

    premisa feminine
    • It is the fundamental premise of the theory of evolution.
    • The fundamental premise of the report is that violence is both predictable and preventable.
    • The central premise of the theory is that disorder operates on honest people and on the disorderly in different ways.
    • I thought the fundamental premise of this article was unsound.
    • Two objections, however, are thrown up by the premises of neoliberal theory itself.
    • Does evidence from Japan challenge basic premises of current psychological theories?
    • The fundamental premise of the publication is that early design for space travel was influenced largely by science fiction.
    • The primary premise of this theory is that although errors can occur within highly reliable organizations, they rarely do so.
    • I would have called it a fine book were it not for disagreeing with its fundamental premise that men were inevitably opposed to women's advances.
    • Even if its fundamental premise is slightly flawed, the film manages to work to a great extent.
    • Throughout the book numerous studies are given as premises for the theories Buss poses, along with many case study examples.
    • Darwin based his theory on scientific hypothesis and not metaphysical premises.
    • The basic premise behind this book is that we have these ‘chance’ meetings with people, that are anything but chance.
    • Each constitution has been premised on the belief that rights are granted to citizens by the state.
    • A valid inference is one where the conclusion follows from the premiss.
    • More formally, the conclusion of a deduction follows necessarily from the premisses.
    • Such propositions appear only as premises, never as conclusions.
    • It seems laughable to conclude from these premisses that a and b are identical to some respect.
  • 2premises plural

    (building, site)
    local masculine
    they've moved to new premises se han mudado a un nuevo local (or a nuevas oficinas etc.)
    • meals are cooked on the premise las comidas se preparan en el mismo establecimiento
    • to be consumed on/off the premises para consumir dentro/fuera del local
    • animals may not be kept on these premises prohibido tener animales en este edificio
    • they were escorted off the premises se los hizo salir del local
    • licensed premises