Translation of prepare in Spanish:


preparar, v.

Pronunciation /prəˈpɛr/ /prɪˈpɛː/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (make ready)
    (room/equipment) preparar
    our teacher is preparing us for the exam la profesora nos está preparando para el examen
    • I've been preparing myself for the interview me he estado preparando para la entrevista
    • prepare yourself for a shock! ¡prepárate!
    • I prepared myself mentally me preparé mentalmente
    • to prepare the ground / the way for sth preparar el terreno para algo
    • The research team is currently preparing manuscripts for consideration.
    • Officials are currently preparing advice for consideration by the Government in the very near future.
    • As a result of those select committee considerations, reports are prepared that are tabled in the House.
    • The council also prepared its own development brief for the site to guide companies seeking planning permission.
    • The council had prepared numerous reports and considered many of the possible consequences of closure.
    • If you're going to educate students and prepare them for society, part of what you consider is the environment they're educated in.
    • They apparently were allowed to prepare brief messages to family members, and that message was relayed to us by the Navy.
    • Justices adjourned the case so the youth offending team can prepare a pre-sentence report considering all possible sentences.
    • They have been training with ex-professional coaches who prepared them for their trip of a lifetime.
    • He includes instructions for preparing each item.
    • Current teachers identified a variety of benefits of working at camp in preparing them for teaching.
    • We can talk about responsibility of educating our children and preparing them for a better future.
    • The rest receive a vocational education that prepares them for a specialized, high-paying profession that allows them to be respected and valued for who they are and what they do.
    • Often, they do not even want to be bothered about the setting or the decor prepared by their art directors.
    • As part of this, children are guided to prepare craft sheets and helped by teachers to understand shapes, colours, animals, birds and insects.
    • Last week Cabinet instructed Crown Law to prepare an amendment reversing the decision in time for the current session of Parliament.
    • I have a talk in San Diego this afternoon, and before then I have to prepare my overheads and teach my copyright class.
  • 2

    (make, put together)
    (speech/meal) preparar
    (report) redactar
    I'm preparing a paper for a conference estoy preparando un trabajo para un congreso
    • prepared with the finest ingredients preparado con los mejores ingredientes
    • Without a refrigerator or stove, and perhaps only a hot plate to prepare meals, food choices are expensive and generally not very nutritious.
    • The Meath man even showed his cooking skills when he prepared a meal for the judges in the early hours of Monday morning.
    • Reading food labels and preparing your own meals with herbs and spices instead of salt can make a big difference.
    • The boxes are tailored for those who want to use the food to prepare home meals or for those who use it in juicers.
    • Ticket holders have access to several stations where chefs prepare the food in woks and large sauté pans.
    • She had been working all day in the kitchens, preparing food, cleaning dishes and had felt the whip of the slave master more than once.
    • While they sang and played, the mother was busy in the kitchen preparing food for the night's dinner.
    • The food is prepared as for a meal and is then analyzed for pesticide residue and toxic chemicals.
    • Your challenge is to sell them on the food they hate by preparing that ingredient in ways that might convert them.
    • She was going to be my adopted mother and taught me quite a few things, such as how to prepare food, cook rice, etc.
    • Dishes were prepared in vast cooking pots for the hundreds of inmates and served in a buffet in a huge dining hall, he said.
    • Are your food preferences simple or do you prepare meals with many ingredients that must be stored?
    • We intend to use the surface for cutting, chopping and preparing food for serving and cooking.
    • Maria and Nova were busy preparing their food while Hero was helping his dad grill some fish and meat.
    • The servants, dressed in black, were busy preparing the meal.
    • Natalia and Kevin busied themselves preparing the mid-day meal.
    • Telli's sister, his grandmother and two aunts were busy round the fireplace preparing the night's meal.
    • At Tian Tian Wang, all food has been prepared, marinated and cooked with different types of tea, in accordance with the nature of the food.
    • For lunch, Amy prepared a delicious meal that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.
    • "Adolescents are not passive," the study author and sociology professor said in a prepared statement.
    • The country's counter-terror approach needs to be "more layered, networked and resilient to make it smarter, and more adaptive," her prepared text said.
    • On this special occasion, the trimaran's skipper had prepared a few words in German for the local audience.
    • I had prepared a few words for my 45-second statement, and one of the guys typed it into their system - I don't know what he made of it.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to prepare for sth prepararse para algo