Translation of prescription in Spanish:


receta, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n/ /prɪˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (for drug) receta feminine
    (for glasses) receta feminine
    (for glasses) fórmula feminine
    (glasses) (before noun) de fórmula
    (glasses) (before noun) graduado
    to make out a prescription extender una receta
    • to fill a prescription preparar una receta
    • to make up a prescription preparar una receta
    • available on prescription only en venta solamente bajo receta
    • prescription charge
    • In brief, the general practitioner writes a prescription which the patient takes to the pharmacist.
    • The authors conclude that at least 7 percent of prescriptions written for pediatric patients in the emergency department are not filled.
    • Then I go to attend to my patients and write prescriptions and directions for their ailments.
    • Pharmacists have been given the go-ahead to issue repeat prescriptions without involving family doctors and to sell medicines which have only been available on prescription.
    • Writing clear and concise directions on the prescription will assist the patient in appropriate use of the medication.
    • It has been alleged that Ting employed an unlicensed technician who saw patients and wrote prescriptions.
    • We considered patients as currently receiving a drug if their last prescription was issued within 90 days before the index date.
    • Correct patient identification and clear written prescriptions are important components of the safe administration of drugs in hospital.
    • I'm looking forward to being able to write prescriptions and referral letters with the click of a button.
    • The surgeon gives the patient a prescription for supervised physical therapy.
    • In order to write a prescription the recipient of the prescription must be a patient in their clinic and have a chart.
    • Use of computers for issuing prescriptions increased prescribing of generic drugs, and use of computers for test ordering led to cost savings and fewer unnecessary tests.
    • Properly written prescriptions will help ensure continuity of care in the patient's local community.
    • Prescriptions must only be signed by the prescriber at the time prescriptions are written for a specific patient.
    • A doctor will write you a prescription for pain medication.
    • A computer glitch at one general practice resulted in prescriptions being issued with the real cost of the drug printed alongside each item.
    • I wrote a bunch of prescriptions and sent seven patients home from the hospital.
    • If your patient has a prescription for a medication for mood control, take it with you and use it when he/she begins to become anxious.
    • If this is an ongoing problem, ask your prescriber to write the prescription for the dosage form you can take most comfortably.
    • He examined my lesions through a magnifying glass, quickly wrote down a prescription of drugs, and, handing it to us, asked us to come for follow up after a week.
    • The only difference is that that member wants to force people to follow one prescription rather than actually to work with people and use the brains of the whole industry.
  • 2 archaic

    receta feminine
    • Your institution may have recommendations or prescriptions about the form this should take.
    • Put that way, those recommendations sound like a prescription for improvement of ecology in general, not just studies of urbanization effects.
    • However, the letter demonstrates that recommendations and prescriptions for society often reflect individual biases and belief systems.
    • All parties have their own prescriptions for giving a boost to the rural economy and creating more jobs.
    • In the end, few doctors will object to the basic prescription: Avoid drastic procedures that probably won't help and might actually do harm.
    • There is much to recommend Lodal's prescription but less reason to believe it will be embraced.
    • Sadly, it seems that what matters to Judge Becker is not what courts say, but what the executive has said - and what the best policy prescription may be.
    • It is making a completely new prescription in terms of what was the effect or result of the 1947 Act.
    • Is the Human Development Report's prescription convincing?
    • There was no width prescription in the case of private roads.
    • Even if I could do it, it's impossible to spell out a detailed policy prescription in a blog.
    • We believe that the economic policy prescriptions of the current government are fundamentally correct.
    • Angus waited outside whilst I went in and bought Gerald's medicine, a continuing prescription routinely picked up once a month.
    • But with prescriptions like antibiotics, the medication must be finished for it to be effective.
    • At the chemist picking up my prescription, I saw two young guys standing in line.
    • Zhang reported about 200 different prescriptions of herbs effective for treating epilepsy.
    • Although medication is often part of a successful treatment approach, school personnel are usually not directly involved in recommending a prescription.
    • The same diet prescription was adopted by all the participants.
    • In spite of some of the mysterious remedies, other prescriptions, as he said, came out of the theory of Chinese medicine - using acupuncture and herbs.
    • Thus, the principles of exercise prescription for heart failure patients are similar to those for healthy people.
    • My mother passed away last year and I took her prescriptions to my local pharmacy.
    • In the USA, a man took a traditional herbal prescription containing 36 ingredients.
    • The Lancet letter also gave details of the herbal prescription which this patient supposedly was taking.
    • Additionally her spirit was being calmed and her moods and concentration were considered within the herbal prescription.