There are 3 main translations of present in Spanish

: present1present2present3


actual, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈprɛz(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    (at scene)
    to be present estar presente
    • she was present at the ceremony estuvo presente en la ceremonia
    • all those present todos los presentes
    • how many were present? ¿cuántas personas había?
    • he was present at the scene of the accident presenció el accidente
    • you are ever present in my thoughts te tengo siempre presente
    • a protein present in blood una proteína que se encuentra en la sangre
    • We have an inside source who was present at the rally and is familiar with the reporters involved.
    • However they were present in large numbers and settled for a short procession inside the church.
    • Insiders ask whether he should have been present rather than delegating decision-making to his chief executive.
    • Michael's parents, David and Marie, were present to thank everyone for their generosity.
    • Military officials have said the order to strike again would not have been given had many bystanders been present.
    • Friends were present and they called for help - paramedics and firefighters from the Aston station attended.
    • All ten of us were present and accounted for as we went down into the subway station for our next ride.
    • It is a holy land, which means a place where God is uniquely present and available.
    • Heads turned to see if the visitor was still present and available.
    • People came from far and near to be present for this special ceremony in a church that was rebuilt in 1821.
    • She said even if the commission did not require Rowley to attend, he would like to be present to testify.
    • I recently attended a reception in London at which the Queen was present.
    • He said Mr Pepper had attended a funeral at which Frank and Thomas Murphy were present.
    • Mr. Connor was present in the Townhall on Friday night but did not attend the event.
    • Relatives and friends expend considerable effort to be present when death is near.
    • He was present, and ready to commence the procedure immediately.
  • 2

    • 2.1(current)

      (situation/salary/address) actual
      at the present time / moment en este momento
      • in the present case en este caso
      • the present writer quien esto escribe
      • Given the present situation, it seems that no long or short term planning was ever done to meet the growing power demand.
      • A tram link between Interchange and Forster Square stations would be slightly better than the present situation.
      • There is an awful description in use about the present situation - the ‘new normal’.
      • The society's ruling council said it was ‘deeply concerned’ at the present situation.
      • You have said that a unified movement of the peoples of the South is a prerequisite for change in the present situation.
      • But in his present situation, his dwindling resources could not feed even one mouth.
      • She has no doubt that the present situation is adding an extra burden to what is already a very traumatic time for people.
      • And he described the present situation as one where feelings are still running high.
      • Scepticism there may be, but the present situation is unsatisfactory and ineffective.
      • Conversely, others see the present situation as a buying opportunity.
      • All councillors feel that we would like to reverse the situation but the present bed shortage makes this impossible.
      • The present situation is unsatisfactory in many ways, and should not be allowed to continue.
      • The present situation is such that harmful chemicals are added for preservation.
      • The present situation is intolerable both for the residents and for the Travellers.
      • Given the present situation, it would be easy to be cynical about the magnitude of the task.
      • We are all fed up of the present situation, so let's work together on creative solutions and get our lives back.
      • Even tourists who make an occasional visit recognise the stupidity of the present situation.
      • It will highlight the circumstances that led her into her present situation.
      • The present crime situation should serve as a spring-board to unite people of all walks of life.
      • Independence doesn't necessarily mean isolation, which would be suicidal in the present world situation.
      • Burnley chiefs will gather to discuss the present crisis at Thursday's planned board meeting.
      • It is to meet with the groups to discuss the difficulties it has with the present legislation.
      • Could you further discuss what you mean and the present dangers language is facing?
      • At the present time, none of these questions can be answered with any degree of certainty.
      • More importantly for present purposes, however, it succeeded also under Article 13.
      • Outside, the present crop is fattening up and indoors, the remains of last year's produce should see us through.
      • There is still great generosity in the heart of man, even in the present age.
      • The present Queen is thought not to be a devotee of theatre.

    • 2.2Linguistics

      the present tense el presente
      • the present indicative el presente de indicativo
      • the present subjunctive el presente del subjuntivo
      • the present participle el participio activo / (de) presente
      • The only problem is that it looks or sounds for the most part, therefore, exactly the same as the present tense of the verb.
      • It should be clear that an apology has to be in the first person, and in the present tense.
      • Another peculiarity of headlinese is that it is almost always in the present tense.
      • Pashto has a rich agreement mechanism, but one that is manifested differently in the present and past tenses.
      • Most of the worst novels were written in the first person narrative present tense.


  • 1

    • 1.1(current time)

      the present el presente
      • to live for the present vivir el momento
      • The play is set in the present and covers a period of around one month in Spring.
      • You see, the game takes place in two time periods: the past and the present.
      • So for now she keeps up her hopes for the future while surviving in the present.
      • It offers stunning examples of most every architectural style, from the Middle Ages to the present.
      • This provides an effective and clever bridge from the past to the present.
      • These books, by predicting the future, have the ability to take you out of the present for a few moments.
      • The plight of Aboriginal people today has just as much to do with the past as with the present.
      • The story moves between the present, the past and perhaps a little bit of an uncertain future.
      • In other words, we can use the present to try to explain the past, and the past to explain the present.
      • One of the risks of being a historian of the present, of course, is that events can overtake you.
      • It made you realize that you simply had no control or power over your present or future.
      • Looking deep into Jim's eyes she saw her past, her present and her future.
      • The present and the future were so much more interesting than the past.
      • We cannot let our future be shaped by those who care only about their present.
      • The present is always more important than the future because we know little about the future and a fair amount about what is happening now.
      • The past that historians portray must be one out of which the present can plausibly have grown.
      • He wonders if concern about the future prevents us from enjoying the present.
      • We have all kinds of ways of imagining the future that distract us from actually living in the present.
      • If this is to be the future I have condemned myself to, then let my present be a little more noticeable.
      • There is even talk of a book on women's cricket detailing its beginnings, its present and its future.

    • 1.2Linguistics

      the present el presente
      • But instead of referring to him in the past tense here, I've referred to him in the present.
      • Headlines are written in the present: Bus kills man.

  • 2 archaic presents plural

    the parties presents las partes contratantes

There are 3 main translations of present in Spanish

: present1present2present3


Pronunciation /prəˈzɛnt/ /prɪˈzɛnt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(give, hand over)

      to present sth to sb entregarle algo a algn
      formal hacerle entrega de algo a algn

      • her daughter will present the bouquet to her
      • please present my respects to …
      to present sb with sth formal obsequiar a algn con algo
      formal obsequiarle algo a algn

      • she was presented with a silver tray
      • she presented him with a daughter
      • An under-matron at Malsis school, she was presented by the wife of her cousin, Commander Ian Steel RN.
      • A Mossi baby is formally presented to the community three days after birth for a boy, and four days after birth for a girl.
      • On September 14th as Marquise de Pompadour she was formally presented at court.
      • The midfielder gave a press conference at Vicente Calderon stadium after he was officially presented to the media and fans as an Atletico player.
      • He went inside, the boardroom doors flew open, and Tom presented me grandly to the room.
      • I was presented to the Duke and also the Duchess, who is a Dane.
      • She was presented to the Queen Mother during her 100th birthday year.
      • The new World Bank resident representative in Sofia was presented to ministers and the media.
      • Now, Richards, sitting next to Roberts, presents Roberts to the committee.
      • She arranged her skirts decorously and, mere seconds later, the butler entered the parlour and presented Mr Brown-Lee to the group.
      • Terese Capucilli's award will be presented to her at the ceremony by actor and graphics designer Bill Randolph.
      • The trophy was presented by best-selling author Bill Bryson who described it as a very exciting match.
      • Ruth, 18, offered to present the painting to Mr Bayley as a memento of York, the floods and the exhibition.
      • The Bowling Green last week Wednesday presented 27,900 baht towards the Lions club's hospital fund.
      • The Whitecross Hospice Fundraising Committee is presenting a cheque to Newry Hospice.
      • The prizes were presented recently at a ceremony in the Tower Hotel.
      • Cllr Beattie gave a short speech praising the efforts of all the exhibitors and committee members before presenting the prizes.
      • The inaugural Bob Hope Award was to be presented to Oprah Winfrey.
      • The Special Olympics Host Town Committee presented a special prize to Cathal Quinn for scoring a hole-in-one.
      • The Committee presented a cheque to St Aidan's National School on Sunday night last.
      • The prize will be presented at a ceremony in New York on September 24.
      • Mickey Dolenz of American band the Monkees presented one of the awards at the ceremony.
      • The first Golden Sheaf Award was presented in 1956, when it was decided that the festival should present a grand prize.
      • Awards will also be presented for top comeback, fair play, official and community sport volunteer.
      • Regional award winners will go forward for selection for the national special awards due to be presented in spring 2004.
      • Nominations close on Monday, April 30, and the awards will be presented at a ceremony June 20.
      • The theatre beat off strong competition from all over the country to clinch the award, which was presented at a gala ceremony at London's Royal Court Theatre.
      • After the game Patsy Hobbert presented the James Hobbert Memorial Cup to a delighted Stacks' captain Eoin Colgan.
      • Outside the factory, his good works included presenting Rowntree Park to the city and starting work on New Earswick model village.
      • In 1944, Miss Matilda Talbot presented Lacock to the National Trust, and until recently the area known as the ‘museum garden’, was simply a grassed-over space scattered with trees and shrubs.

    • 1.2(confront)

      to present sb with sth
      • I was presented with a bill for £500
      • we were presented with a very difficult situation
      • it presents me with a whole host of problems
      • Then one day a man appears at his door, presenting himself as John Shooter, and accuses Mort of copying a story from him.
      • But it was a composed and prepared Smith who appeared on Newsmaker Live to present herself for public scrutiny.
      • David presented himself at the emergency room of the hospital one and one-half days after the third cystoscopy.
      • Take care over your appearance and present yourself smelling, looking and feeling as attractive as you can.
      • I view my appearance in Playboy as the first step in presenting myself to the world as I am.
      • AN NHS trust has launched an internal inquiry after it emerged that a murder suspect was turned away when he presented himself at a mental health unit.
      • Within days of arriving in Ireland, she presented herself at the Accident and Emergency department of a Dublin hospital showing symptoms of the deadly virus.
      • Mrs Statham said: ‘When somebody presents themselves as homeless we decide which category to place them into and the appropriate support services that they require.’
      • Because he can't learn his new profession from books (Mr. Norrell has bought them all), Strange presents himself to his rival for tutoring.
      • Quiet and well-mannered in the way he presents himself in public, he is at the age of only 25 one of snooker's elite band of millionaires.
      • Next thing we know, Dewey presents himself in Ned's place at an exclusive and rather snobbish private school before a class of 10-year-olds.

  • 2

    (ticket/passport/account/motion/bill) presentar
    (argument/ideas) presentar
    (argument/ideas) exponer
    the way it's presented is very important la presentación es muy importante
    • to present a petition to the authorities presentar una petición a las autoridades
    • to present a check for payment presentar un cheque para el cobro
    • He's kick-started the process by studying many of the proposals on offer and presenting this draft plan of action.
    • The joint committee, which presents a preliminary report this autumn, comprises three Liberal Democrats, 12 Labour, seven Tories and two crossbenchers.
    • All you will have to do to take advantage of the offer is to present your card when you make your purchase.
    • Be sure to put all important communications in writing and consider ideas carefully before presenting them.
    • The budget committee is tasked with presenting a PAP budget for approval at the leaders' summit in July.
    • The mayor and chairmen of the four main committees will be presenting their reviews of the year and there will be a public question session.
    • Quite a strong argument was presented to the committee that we should remove ancillary activities altogether from the bill.
    • The material presented here is from a lecture presented to medical and pharmacy students.
    • I often consulted with the participants and owe much of the knowledge presented here to their direct input.
    • None of the direct estimates presented below is wholly dependable or comparable with the others.
    • On the evidence here presented, the answer would appear to be a resounding ‘no’.
    • The editors have compiled a set of papers originally presented at seminars held at Harvard University in 1998 and 1999.
    • Their findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Dental Research.
    • The findings were presented yesterday at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in New Orleans.
    • The results were presented at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society.
    • A petition was presented which requested action on two roads.
    • The seminars are presented by the aforementioned authors as well as various professional agencies.
    • A delegate meeting was convened from which the petition would be presented to parliament.
    • In the morning an anti-war petition with a million signatures was presented to parliament.
    • A budget bill will be presented to Parliament for debate and approval next month.
    • What follows is our summary of the key points presented at the symposium.
  • 3

    • 3.1(constitute)

      they presented an easy target eran un blanco fácil
      • it may present an obstacle to future development puede significar / constituir un obstáculo para el desarrollo futuro
      • Even the newer equipment presents difficult problems of ballot design.
      • And we have seen that sexism presents a greater difficulty than racism in this regard as well.
      • The lack of affordable housing presents problems for the whole of the community - if there is no one to nurse the sick, teach the children or work on the land everyone suffers.
      • Don't be pushed into a software upgrade now only to find that data translation incompatibility presents major problems later.
      • This choice presents an immediate problem, since it's infinitely more difficult to lampoon a bad movie than it is a good one.
      • Lack of parking presents a huge problem in relation to business on Bridge Street.
      • The activity documentation form often presents the greatest difficulty to applicants.
      • Children with recurrent abdominal pain present a difficult conundrum for doctors.
      • The Atherton Gardens estate has presented endemic problems for social planning since its development.
      • Such difficulty as the case presented turned upon the characterisation of the facts rather than upon any ambiguity in the statute.
      • However, sustainable energy campaigners rubbish the notion that this presents insurmountable technical difficulties.
      • For Reeves, a Bowl concert can be intimidating, but the difficulties it presents also inspire her as a singer.
      • To me, this issue presents a more difficult question.
      • The white T-shirt I bought last week presents a much more difficult ethical issue.
      • Falling objects, toppling furniture and panic present the greatest dangers during an earthquake.
      • The steady demise of our ecosystems presents the greatest danger and is at the forefront of Ehrlich's strategic plan.
      • These groups present more direct challenges than other groups with established Whitehall connections.
      • The moors here present a particular challenge, the bridleways are waterlogged, rutted, rocky and really quite fantastic.
      • Now Angela's father has made a compromise offer, but it presents a tough choice for her.
      • The proposed Communications Bill presents the biggest threat to a free and objective press for more than 300 years.

    • 3.2(provide)

      (view/perspective) presentar
      (view/perspective) ofrecer
      • Judges are obliged to remain open-minded about the outcome of a case until the relevant evidence has been presented in court.
      • On 3 June 1992 it was wound up by the High Court on a petition presented by the Bank of England.
      • The claim form in this action was issued on 19th April 2001 and the Petition was presented to the court on the same day.
      • No evidence was presented to the court that any party ever gave Mr. MacRae permission to park vehicles on the right-of-way.
      • The public prosecutor normally begins to present his evidence in court after about three months.
      • While interim Motions are important to all parties, the affidavits to be presented to the Court must be succinct and to the point.
      • Like other types of bills of exchange payable on demand, a cheque has to be presented for payment within a reasonable time.
      • The builder simply presented his bill for payment.
      • When a cheque is presented for payment the paying bank, as we know, must comply strictly with its customer's mandate.
      • Your bank will honour the cheque when the holder presents it for payment.
      • Mr. Jones then presents the $100 bill to Mr. Roberts in payment for his house.
      • We had paid the bill that had been presented to us and might easily have been unaware of the mistake.

  • 4

    • 4.1Cinema Theatre

      • The Multi Storey Theatre Company is presenting the hour-long show, ideal for families with children over the age of five and an adult audience too.
      • NTC Touring Theatre Company presents a second show, The Stars Look Down, on Tuesday.
      • Sam Dowling's energetic and innovative Roscommon-based experimental theatre company presents its exciting new production.
      • The event was well supported by Thai and international companies presenting their latest products set up at booths.
      • The Royal Shakespeare Company presents this ‘magic, myth-making and mischief of modern India’ on May 13-17.
      • The Lismore Theatre Company presents the Rochdale Follies - a wonderful evening of humour and song performed by some of our top local talent.
      • The Carl Rosa company presents Franz Lehar's light opera set in the heady Paris of the Moulin Rouge just a few years before the outbreak of the first world war.
      • The company presented Opel Signum and Chevrolet Evanda models.
      • Hull Truck Theatre Company presents Black Tie and Tales, written and directed by John Godber.
      • This year, the Public Art Fund presents an exhibition of new work by five artists who explore diverse notions of leisure and leisure-time activities.
      • In addition, earlier this year the company presented a newly developed fuel cell powered vehicle at the Geneva motor-show.
      • We see a touring theatre company presenting a Shakespeare play with an ex-husband and wife in the lead roles.
      • She will liaise with local retailers and producers in a county-wide attempt to highlight the variety of products and the ways that Orkney firms are presenting these to the public.
      • If you're looking for a little more poetry in your fringe theatre, The Shakespeare Company presents its third annual Inspired Shakespeare Shorts the very next week.
      • Fishamble Theatre Company presents the work of one of Ireland's most acclaimed writers, Maeve Binchy, adapted and directed for the stage by Jim Culleton.
      • Retina Dance Company presents contemporary pieces inspired by our prevailing fascination with gameshows and the shallow, short-term celebrity they provide.
      • In another, a French shoe company presents an Arab-style slipper decorated with the stars and stripes alongside the word ‘Peace’.
      • The Misfit Theatre Company presents the award-winning play from Rona Munro, whose play Iron won critical acclaim at the Fringe.
      • In celebration of the opening of West Bay Fine Art, the company presents the release of four canvas limited editions by the newly signed, pastel artist Julene Baker.
      • In November, the company presents Charles Gounod's Romeo and Juliet, starring tenor Marc Hervieux and soprano Kathleen Brett.
      • Riddoch has spent the past five years on Radio Scotland, presenting a daily show that tackles issues high on the national news agenda.
      • His brother, Grant Stott, 35, presents a radio show on Edinburgh's Forth One.
      • Hewitt met her when they presented a radio show together.
      • Wogan alone is said to earn £800,000 a year for presenting Radio 2's breakfast show.
      • Mark Radcliffe presents his Radio 2 show live from Moshulu, with special guest KT Tunstall.
      • Noel Edmonds returns to his radio roots to present Radio 2's Drivetime show for two months.
      • He went on to present other television programmes, particularly interviews of major political figures.
      • Jaffrey has authored 15 cookery books and has presented several television shows.
      • Sara Cox and Vernon Kay will join a large number of stars in presenting BBC radio coverage of the world's biggest rock event on July 2.
      • She has frequently appeared on television, and conceived and presented the BBC television series Ballerina in 1987.
      • The athlete, who won four gold medals at the Paralympic Games in Sydney, will be presenting shows on her local station, BBC Radio Cleveland.
      • The six-part series, presented by Scottish television presenter Stephen Jardine, is due to be screened in June.
      • Last year, her profile beyond the farming community received a boost when she presented the reality television show Celebrity Farm.
      • Rob appears regularly on television and radio, has presented live radio and webcast shows, and has recorded video and CD-Rom programmes.
      • At that time, Pat had his own sponsored programme on Radio Eireann which was presented weekly by Ken Stewart.
      • In the 1990s he graced fashion shoots in glossy magazines and presented countless forgettable television shows.
      • The event was videoed and, three days later, Rhodes got a call from an independent television producer, asking whether he would consider presenting a ten-minute cookery slot.
      • Wild In Your Garden presented by Bill Oddie is a week long event revealing the secret lives of the animal neighbours that live in gardens, towns and cities.
      • He wrote and presented Charles: the Battle of the Palaces, for Channel 4 in April 2003.
      • Simon Barnes presents Back to Front, a series of 30-minute documentaries on famous sporting events, starting today on BBC Radio 4 at 10.30 am.

    • 4.2Radio Television

      (show) presentar

  • 5 formal

    to present sb to sb presentarle algn a algn
    may I present my husband? permítame presentarle a mi marido
    • to be presented at court ser presentado en la corte

reflexive verb

  • 1

    (problem/opportunity) presentarse
    (problem/opportunity) surgir
    • I started playing golf since about age 14, and can remember playing in rain or shine whenever the chance presented itself.
    • They are not like the other girls at Moore River, and, when an opportunity presents itself, they escape.
    • She does not plan large works in advance, but instead visits the designated exhibition space and waits for an idea to present itself to her.
  • 2 formal

    (person) presentarse
    to present oneself for interview/examination presentarse a una entrevista/un examen
    • to present oneself as a candidate presentarse como candidato
  • 3

    (display, show)
    this is how the situation presents itself to me así es como yo veo la situación

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (patient/disease) presentarse
    the patient presented with symptoms of … el paciente se presentó con síntomas de …
    • the baby presented in the breech position el niño venía de nalgas
    • Gardberg et al found that 68% of fetuses presenting as occiput posterior position at birth resulted from a malrotation from an initial occiput anterior position.
    • Influenza may present as a mild respiratory illness similar to the common cold.
    • Firstly, hepatitis C is not an uncommon disease presenting to general practitioners.
    • However, none of the 5 tumors presenting during pregnancy and lactation that were tested were positive for either protein.
    • Geller reported a case of acute leukemia presenting as respiratory distress in a patient with leukemic pulmonary infiltration diagnosed at autopsy.
    • The lesion presents as a painless, pruritic papule on exposed skin areas.
    • Mr. Smith is a 63-year-old man who presents to his family physician with typical anginal chest pain.
    • On average, one full school day was missed unnecessarily after children presented to hospital emergency departments with minor injuries.
    • At 12 months of age, the patient presented to the hospital with vomiting.
    • A 55 year old man presented to his general practitioner with a productive cough.
    • She presented to another hospital with cyanosis and in respiratory distress.
    • A 76-year-old man presented to the emergency room with abdominal pain and fatigue.

There are 3 main translations of present in Spanish

: present1present2present3


regalo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɛz(ə)nt/


  • 1

    regalo masculine
    obsequio masculine formal
    presente masculine formal
    it's (for) a present es (para) un regalo
    • I got it as a present me lo regalaron
    • to give sb a present regalarle algo a algn
    • Decorative serving platters also make great presents for the culinarily gifted.
    • Camelot believes the scratchcard, launched tomorrow, will appeal to people who buy record or gift tokens as presents.
    • Practical presents are now a favourite of mine: getting gifts that you like but wouldn't necessarily buy yourself.
    • They give you gifts and presents and refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer.
    • ‘That's weird,’ I said looking around me at the piles of presents, cards and gift certificates.
    • And the rise of clinics selling gift vouchers means that friends and family can contribute to presents of an operation for their loved ones.
    • But I'd have loved presents and a stocking as well.
    • We leisurely opened presents and stockings and had brunch around 3 pm.
    • Anyway, full marks to them for having their wedding at home rather than running off abroad and also for the presents for charity idea.
    • I've read other blogs and things bemoaning the fact that Christmas in Japan is not about religion, only about presents.
    • Neil said that the idea of asking for donations instead of presents came after the death of his best friend, Steve.
    • We make the same mistakes when it comes to wedding gifts, birthday presents, anniversaries, house-warming gifts etc.
    • Over £900 was raised for the Southern Area Hospice Services from donations placed instead of presents for Jimmy.
    • Instead of giving my grandmother a normal gift (she's very hard to buy presents for), we decided to take her away for a weekend.
    • In addition to this, think of all the presents, the toys, gift sets and, most importantly, all that wrapping paper.
    • This latest appeal involved the donation of presents for the children and, as shown in the photographs, they were thrilled.
    • Teresa wraps presents in tea-towels - saves paper and is a handy gift in itself!
    • Unruly children have traditionally been threatened with coal instead of presents in their Christmas stockings.
    • It first started with one gift, then the rest of the presents on Christmas morning.
    • They also have a gift shop with lots of presents suitable for Mum on Mother's Day.