Traducción de presentation en Español:


entrega, n.

Pronunciación /ˌprɛzənˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ /ˌpriˌzɛnˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ /prɛz(ə)nˈteɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(of gift, prize)

      entrega femenino
      everyone is invited to the presentation todos están invitados a la (ceremonia de) entrega de premios (or medallas etc.)
      • The trust held its annual Community Awards presentation when certificates and trophies were awarded by the Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire, John Bush, to a host of nominees.
      • This can be dealt with by having two stages, one specifically for performances and the other for award presentation and master of ceremonies.
      • The announcement was made on Wednesday at the Grand Stand on Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain, during the formal presentation of awards.
      • The evening will include a formal dinner, awards presentation and dancing with The Marble City Showband.
      • The ladies of the committee prepared tea and refreshments following the speeches and presentations for all those who attended.
      • With the speeches and presentations out of the way it was on with the dancing.
      • All of his last day was given over to a farewell party with a buffet lunch, presentations and speeches.
      • Mrs McEvoy, 46, and her son had no idea that the presentation would take place - they thought that they were going on a holiday to meet up with their friends for the first time.
      • He also made a presentation of a piece of Waterford Crystal to John.
      • On the conclusion of the speeches, a special presentation was made to Paddy Holden, who created the plaque.
      • A large crowd attended the presentation of prizes and the social evening.
      • Last week's presentation of certificates acknowledged the hard work that has been undertaken.
      • There was a presentation of the certificates, followed by the trip to Paris.

    • 1.2formal (gift)

      obsequio masculino formal
      presente masculino formal

  • 2

    • 2.1(of document, bill, proposal)

      presentación femenino
      on presentation of this voucher presentando / al presentar este vale

    • 2.2Comercio

      presentación femenino
      demostración femenino
      • Guest lectures, seminars, product presentations and cultural programmes will also be a part of the exhibition.
      • They need work that gives them time to do the best possible job, and that doesn't call for them to do presentations of their ideas before large crowds.
      • Lunch will be served at 2.45 pm, followed by speeches and presentations.
      • The audience was entertained with presentations involving fish tanks, a remote controlled hovercraft, a bed of nails and beach balls.
      • The Department of Business Tourism and Culture organized a set of rotating workshops to highlight its marketing plans as well as a presentation of its product development strategy.
      • The students were also asked to give a presentation to an audience of teachers, friends, family and councillors on any aspect of space, which particularly interested them.
      • The chair of the panel is Professor Jim James who will be giving a presentation explaining how they arrived at the figure of 43 per cent.
      • Students then gave a presentation to the audience on what they learned through their enterprise experience.
      • Here's a sample presentation that also explains what's so cool about the whole thing.
      • The Co-op donated food for the breakfast bash and gave a presentation on Fairtrade products.
      • One of the highlights of the evening for the mostly French audience was the short presentation given, in French, by one of the English players.
      • This presentation will also explain some of the financial challenges faced by the council and the decisions that must be taken before the budget is finalised next year.
      • Word is that the duo wowed the audience with their presentation, answers to the questions and their national dress.
      • Powerful and successful presentations or speeches basically come down to the person doing the presenting or speaking.
      • His presentations drew large audiences and provoked lively discussion.
      • A special presentation in class to explain what makes a single student different, delivered by his own mother… sounds like it could be a very bad thing.
      • Recently, in a presentation to a large audience of mostly young researchers at a prestigious university, I outlined the crisis in peer review.

    • 2.3(show, production)

      producción femenino

  • 3

    (manner of presenting)
    presentación femenino
    presentation is very important la presentación es muy importante
    • presentation skills dotes de exposición
    • Panza's sensitivity to the villa's historical and natural character may also explain the specific objects he donated and the manner of their presentation.
    • Published in 1995, the set is an older release from Reader's Digest but presents an example of a simple style of presentation that will appeal to young beginner bakers.
    • After the second talk we joined a class as they settled down to work on their papers, giving them advice on writing style and presentation.
    • Obviously, there will be a change in editorial style, presentation and even philosophy, but surely making these changes is the newspaper's prerogative.
    • And then there's the goofy style of presentation.
    • The detailed depiction of each sub-culture and craft and the style of presentation is so engaging that it does not matter that the big picture in the background is plainly kooky.
    • He is able to forge an indigenous style of presentation and writing skill, which has earned him appreciation from prominent personalities in literary circles.
    • He has gathered 42 years of culinary experience from across the world, perfecting style and elegance in presentation and superb taste.
    • The article was first published in 1903 and is highly representative of that era in style and presentation.
    • John is a Spanish and Art teacher with a huge passion for Spain and a keen eye for style and presentation.
    • Music challenges every listener by its ever-changing style and presentation, making it daunting for some and utterly impossible for others.
    • As with any book of this magnitude and diversity of authorship, there are differences in style, presentation, and depth of literature coverage.
    • Since physics depends on coherent argument, this manner of presentation is clearly ill-suited to the books' purpose.
    • All the writers I have named above as preeminent leaders in the field have chosen to emphasise the substance of their work over the style of their presentation.
    • The risk, originality, and soulful presentation she displayed set the pace for every gymnast who succeeded her.
    • I would be grateful to receive from any readers, comments on the range of topics, the contents of the answers and the style and presentation of the material in the book.
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    (of baby)
    presentación femenino
    • The fetal presentation, position and station are then confirmed.
    • The registers we used lacked information on the presentation of the second twin before delivery of the first.
    • Posterior presentation is more of a problem for first babies and their mothers than it is for subsequent births; when a mother has given birth before, there is generally much more room for manoeuvre, so it is easier for the baby to rotate during labour.