There are 2 main translations of president in Spanish

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presidente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɛz(ə)dənt/ /ˈprɛzəˌdɛnt/ /ˈprɛzɪd(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    (of state)
    presidente masculine
    presidenta feminine
    President of the European Commission Presidente de la Comisión Europea
    • The president spoke about the importance of the film industry in the economy.
    • Eventually Napoleon III was elected president of the French Republic only to proclaim himself Emperor after a coup in 1851.
    • This country is a democracy, so its president is democratically elected by a popular vote.
    • Once elected, the president will nominate a prime minister who will form a government.
    • The president names the prime minister following consultation with Parliament.
    • The parliament will elect a president and two vice presidents, who will form a presidential council.
    • Historically presidents and prime ministers would give inspiring speeches to their nations.
    • Unlike elected presidents, British prime ministers get where they are by being leader of the largest party in the House of Commons.
    • There will be a democratically elected president, with a cabinet, and a Prime Minister to oversee the cabinet.
    • Meetings between US presidents and Canadian prime ministers have been routine since the late 1930s.
    • For seven years he has sent appeals requesting the help of the president and prime minister but has not even received an acknowledgement.
    • Some 115 million Brazilians go to the polls on 6 October to elect a new president, and various federal and state deputies.
    • The president and the prime minister met last Tuesday for the second time to discuss a settlement.
    • He's advised four presidents in his distinguished career in public service.
    • For 50 years after World War II, all of our presidents wore the uniform.
    • The former president had been considering a public statement for several days.
  • 2

    (of society)
    presidente masculine
    presidenta feminine
    • It's hard to be interested in winning when your organization - from the president down to the manager - isn't.
    • Samuel Pepys was the son of a London tailor and a president of the Royal Society.
    • And we'll also have gorillas, crows, dogs, and the new president of the Royal Society of London.
    • He did his apprenticeship with the then president of the Pharmaceutical Society and managed one of his shops for seven years.
    • Both have served as presidents of local business organizations.
    • Martin Luther King became the first president of the organization.
    • The fourth recipient of an honorary degree was Lord May, president of the Royal Society and a former chief scientific adviser to the Government.
    • Now, like Isaac Newton, May is president of the Royal Society, Britain's premier scientific organisation.
    • The president of the Royal Society has told the government that scientific reasoning must be a core part of school education up until the age of 19.
    • The Park Service ignored a letter of protest signed by the presidents of seven scientific societies on December 16, 2003.
    • Ip and Chow are former presidents of the Law Society, a group that is considered more conservative than the Bar Association.
    • I spoke to all the society presidents as soon as this came up to ensure everyone was aware of the university policy.
    • However, if there is a dispute between the Church and State, both sides will have to refer the matter to the president of the Law Society of Ireland.
    • The president of the UFO Society of Ireland, Betty Meyler, believes the flying objects are a sign of life on other planets.
    • As a former president of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry, Forte is well aware of issues facing the sector.
    • The former president of the Transplantation Society is a supporter of Professor Hall's and accepts his explanation.
    • Royal Society president Lord May of Oxford has said he is ‘alarmed’ at the lack of a clear commitment to science.
    • He was a founder of the Royal Geographical Society and a president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.
    • For the second time in less than eight months, the Simon Fraser Student Society has lost its president.
    • Lowe is the 15th president of the organization, and will serve as the national chair for the next two years.
  • 3mainly US

    (of bank, corporation)
    director masculine
    directora feminine
    presidente masculine
    presidenta feminine
    • Foster was the president of Shaker Title Services, which is now defunct.
    • Ecuador's state oil company president resigned Tuesday for failing to halt a steady decline in production.
  • 4US

    (of university)
    rector masculine
    rectora feminine
    • A new president of Murray State University, F. King Alexander, took office this past winter.
    • Only 2 percent of all women presidents head major research universities.
    • The chief executive officer of a university is the president, who is usually appointed by the government.
    • That December, however, the university president notified the professor of her intent to dismiss him.
    • Still others take on administrative roles as chairs, deans, or perhaps even university presidents.
    • Are public university presidents required, like other government officials, to submit to the review of an ethics commission?
    • This development alarmed the leadership of the science and technology community, including university presidents.
    • Some nights ago my partner and I had dinner with the president of the University of Southern California and his wife.
    • How many university presidents sit on corporate boards of corporations, especially those with whom their university has entered various partnerships?
    • Several university presidents chaired committees and, following customary practices, earned an additional fee for this responsibility.
    • There is also a desire to emulate the corporate world, which is understandable as many presidents of elite universities sit on corporate boards.
    • All too often, the current generation of university presidents fails to share this appreciation.
    • Just over half of the university presidents in our studies led public as opposed to private institutions.
    • In March the university announced that the president is retiring from office.
    • The council endorsed the policy, which was enacted by the university president.
    • He will end his trip with a stop in Boston to hold talks with the presidents of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on expanding educational exchanges.
    • It's also easy to overstate the degree to which university presidents ever were opinion leaders.
    • If something occurs that they don't like, they're apt to dial the university president directly.
    • It's fascinating to learn how much your university president makes - or the dean of students for that matter.
    • What rules of engagement do university presidents set for their campuses?

There are 2 main translations of President in Spanish

: president1President2


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    • En Estados Unidos el Presidente puede gobernar un máximo de dos legislaturas (terms) de cuatro años cada una. Es el jefe del Estado, es responsable de la política exterior y es comandante en jefe de las fuerzas armadas.