Translation of pressure in Spanish:


presión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɛʃər/ /ˈprɛʃə/

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    • 1.1Physics

      presión feminine
      high/low pressure altas/bajas presiones
      • Usually the honey is extracted by crushing the comb and letting the honey drain out, often helped by extra pressure from a centrifuge.
      • This scissoring of the bones causes extra pressure to be forced upon the Carpal Tunnel.
      • Nikki took his foot in her lap and applied slight pressure to the tender spot.
      • The applied suction pressure caused xylem sap flow into the capillary where it could be collected with a syringe.
      • Osmotic pressure is a measure of the extra pressure that has to be exerted to counteract osmosis.
      • The open cone shaped nozzle allows the outward expansion of the hot gas to exert pressure on the rocket as it flies.
      • We reported peak contact pressure since peak pressure may have a direct impact on joint degeneration.
      • Black Blaze responded to the slightest pressure on his flank or feel of his mane.
      • Users can select the contact pressure, position, separation rate, and test duration.
      • Continuous screw presses in particular often exert such pressure that the product is excessively bitter and astringent.
      • Continuous negative pressure applied to a wound is now an established method for managing patients' wounds in hospital.
      • I heard a slight moan from his chest as Salian applied pressure to his back.
      • Conductance declined exponentially with applied pressure for both roots and stems.
      • Next, she uses her toes to dig into troublesome knots, and her heel to apply extra pressure where needed.
      • For pushdowns, I like to keep my elbow joints working like simple hinges and not put extra pressure on them.
      • The jaw musculature is immensely strong, giving rise to huge pressures and displacement forces.
      • Radial pressures exerted by roots on the surrounding soil are also believed to be a critical feature in penetration of hard soils.
      • What do you see as some of the causes of the gravitational pressures bearing down on them?
      • They had to undergo genetic alterations to prepare them for the gravitational pressures of these gates.
      • The systems and methods apply positive and negative fluid pressures to operate the pump and valve.
      • As for the control, the resulting new steady-state pressures and reflection coefficients of the OPR were measured.
      • The peptides seem to form metastable films which can be compressed to relatively large surface pressures.
      • These high pore-water pressures reduce the contact between grains, thus reducing the frictional strength of the soil.
      • Relative loads and peak pressures for all areas were extracted for each step.
      • Exposure to air can drastically change not only miscibility transitions, but also surface pressures.
      • To reach high surface pressures, the rate of compression must then exceed the rate of collapse.
      • I would like to look now at the potential ranges of pressures on the suction side of the compressor.
      • These compressed POPC films were stable for extended periods at very high surface pressures.
      • Upon compression, DPPC can pack into a gel phase that can resist these high surface pressures.
      • Both systems exhibit two different regions of coexisting liquid phases at low surface pressures.
      • The Earth's highest surface air pressures are found in masses of very cold air over places such as Siberia.
      • Cracks can occur from concentrated pressures exerted by incorrectly placed fill material.
      • They found an enhancement of ABA incorporation by monolayers at low surface pressures only under acid conditions.
      • Selected areas were studied using a variable pressure SEM in backscattered electron mode.
      • This may contribute to an elevation and lateralization of PFJ contact pressures.
      • A fluid storage and dispensing system comprising a vessel for holding a fluid at a desired pressure.
      • Flow demand was estimated from mean inspiratory flow on continuous positive airway pressure.
      • The electrons exert a pressure on the ions just like an ideal gas exerts pressure on the walls of a confining box.
      • For example, the reported duration of daily continuous positive airway pressure varied by a factor of 10.

    • 1.2(press, touch)

      presión feminine
      to put pressure on sth hacer presión sobre algo

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    (influence, force)
    presión feminine
    to work under pressure trabajar bajo presión
    • they are under pressure to accept the offer los están presionando para que acepten la oferta
    • the government is under pressure from the unions los sindicatos están presionando al gobierno
    • he confessed under pressure from the police confesó presionado por la policía
    • to bring pressure to bear on sb ejercer presión sobre algn
    • they are bringing pressure to bear on the government to reform the law están ejerciendo presión sobre el gobierno para que reforme la ley
    • Second, it effectively concentrates downward pressure of the dollar onto the euro, adding to the problems of the Euro-zone.
    • It was felt that the unemployment situation had already placed downward pressure on wages in the town.
    • She realises now that financial pressure could have an influence on her game.
    • Tougher penalties for people-smugglers implement a six point plan to put downward pressure on petrol prices.
    • But Xiao does not believe that aluminium prices will face downward pressure.
    • Already we are seeing downward pressure on both the US dollar and local currency interest rates across the Middle East.
    • The pressure would overwhelm the resources of any city.
    • An SHA spokeswoman said a significant increase in the number of patients treated had put considerable pressure on resources.
    • When we speak to our members their number one concern is red tape, and this new legislation will of course add to this pressure on their resources.
    • However, the big question is: who should pay for it, at a time when there is already great pressure on police resources?
    • But he said he remained concerned about the volume of traffic and the increased pressure on local resources.
    • The use of innovative medicines also reduces pressure on hospital resources.
    • He is adamant he has closed a deal which does not place undue pressure on his resources.
    • It is well known that population explosion mounts enormous pressure on environment and resources.
    • Oil prices were under further pressure yesterday due to concerns about supply and demand.
    • That way this self-contained unit will not put pressure on resources in towns and cities.
    • He says the expected release of land should take considerable pressure off demand for housing blocks and see a drop in prices.
    • This was to avoid putting pressure on construction resources at the end this year.
    • There is increasing pressure on the resources, as I have already mentioned.
    • These practical constraints can put pressure on the relationship between the elder girls and the triplets.
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    (demands, stress)
    pressure of work prevents me from coming no puedo asistir por razones de trabajo
    • the pressures of city life las presiones / las tensiones a las que somete la vida urbana
    • I've been under a lot of pressure recently últimamente he estado muy agobiado
    • the new road has taken the pressure off the town center la nueva carretera ha descongestionado el centro de la ciudad

transitive verb

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    to pressure sb to + inf presionar a algn para que + subj
    to pressure sb into -ing
    • She didn't want to do it but he pressured her and badgered her until she finally gave in.
    • Mr. Harvey had great expectations of his son, and pressured him to pursue the same career path.
    • To me, pressuring people to withdraw their support for the award is challenging the good faith of the body which chose the winner.
    • The gals are really pressuring you, and it does sound delightfully tempting.
    • The authorities are pressuring me to bring these people to them to record their statements but I am helpless as they refuse to go.
    • While I was pressuring her to find a job and control her drinking, she rebelled by stealing the contents of my bank account.
    • After all, I'd been pressuring him for years to recall this now famous classmate.
    • According to her, some of her friends are pressuring her to do that.
    • There have also been reports that some employers have been pressuring workers to vote for certain parties.
    • Soon he came home worried because some kids were pressuring him to join their gang.
    • If his family had succeeded in pressuring him to end the relationship, he would have been lost and devalued.
    • He said he and his wife had never pressured their son into moving out, but they now believed he was afraid to tell them he no longer had his flat.
    • Most mistakes are made because we are pressured, fatigued or ignorant of all the facts.
    • She claims she approached the bishop with the news and pressured him for action.
    • It went on for a while and I didn't tell on him, but I pressured him to tell Mum and Dad himself, which he did.
    • Constantly it seems we are pressured to declare our allegiance to one side or the other.
    • He stood at the gates in sun and downpours of rain but never pressured anyone for a shilling.
    • The key is whether the woman was actually capable of choosing her own vote or if she was pressured into doing so.
    • There have been very few reported cases of tourists being pressured after refusing to pay.
    • They both came forward at the same time, standing on either side of him, as though pressuring him to wake her.