Translation of presupposition in Spanish:


suposición, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpriˌsəpəˈzɪʃ(ə)n/ /ˌpriːsʌpəˈzɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    suposición feminine
    presunción feminine
    • Discourse ethics has an a priori foundation: the presuppositions of discourse or argument.
    • The argument explores, therefore, the presuppositions of this self-consciousness.
    • First, often the very questions which challenge the presuppositions of a given problem are those which on their face seem most naïve.
    • Kant took himself to be delimiting the a priori presuppositions of experience, and of empirical science.
    • If they do, a theoretical diagnosis of the sceptic's presuppositions may encourage second thoughts about how well we understand everything he says.
    • Moral philosophy reposes on natural law precepts as common presuppositions, but its advice will be true only in the main.
    • Rawls has since tried to eliminate the universalist presuppositions from his theory.
    • It's not surprising that critics celebrate novels which reflect their own prejudices and presuppositions.
    • We are permitted, defeasibly, to adopt the usual and mutually expected presuppositions of those around us.
    • At every turn the novel's implied reader is encouraged to read using a priori expectations, or presuppositions.
    • My first argument: that no finite set of presuppositions can account for the practically uncountable number of human perspectives.
    • The argument, he claims is sound, given the six presuppositions.
    • Moreover, the sceptical argument we have been considering has its own presuppositions, which it claims to know.
    • Sense is always presupposed as soon as I begin to speak; I would not be able to begin without this presupposition.
    • The Christian idea of humanity is one such presupposition, and in our country, it is the culturally dominant one.
    • However, it is by no means necessary to a theory of evolution that it embodies any presupposition of increasing or decreasing complexity.
    • This is, therefore, an absolutely necessary need and justifies its presupposition not merely as an allowable hypothesis but as a practical postulate.
    • A very widespread but mistaken presupposition is that Revelation contains secret, coded messages, specifying the dates and details of cataclysmic events just around the corner.
    • His comment stresses the most important presupposition about the activity of spectators: spectating creates and reinforces our social, political, and even bodily place in the world.
    • The analysis that follows from this presupposition identifies three tiers of the world economy: core, periphery, and semiperiphery.
    • I have taken that presupposition for granted for forty years.
    • And, a third embedded presupposition was that the client could place herself on such a scale.