Translation of pretty in Spanish:


bonito, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈprɪdi/ /ˈprɪti/

Definition of bonito in Spanish

adjective prettier, prettiest

  • 1

    (girl/baby) bonito
    (girl/baby) guapo
    (girl/baby) mono informal
    (girl/baby) lindo Latin America
    (eyes/smile/name) bonito
    (eyes/smile/name) lindo Latin America
    (blouse/dress) bonito
    (blouse/dress) mono informal
    (blouse/dress) lindo Latin America
    doesn't she look pretty in that dress! ¡qué bonita / guapa / preciosa está con ese vestido!
    • she has the prettiest little nose tiene una naricilla preciosa
    • say pretty please! ¡pídelo por favor!
    • The lead singer wearing a pretty dress and summer sandals added to the airiness of their set.
    • Or get right up to the minute with a lilac summer style with pretty paper flowers on the front for £34.99.
    • Is It Up to Me, a really pretty song, was taped live during a rehearsal at the Pyramid on one of those four track cassette jobs.
    • The sun shone above brightly and the birds sang pretty songs from their places in the blossoming cherry trees.
    • I've got one really pretty party dress with a big butterfly on it.
    • She has a soft, pretty face and a sweet, unstrident Canadian voice.
    • Sorry lads, nothing against your pretty songs, but right now my teeth are gritted and the bright morning sun is in my eyes.
    • The same held true for clothes - Mary had an intuitive understanding of the power of a pretty dress.
    • When two girls came in, in an effort to be polite he told one that the dress she wore was pretty.
    • Each child is bound to know many, along with a pretty song and maybe even a little dance.
    • Carina Round drops in to provide the prettiest of pretty harmonies and for just one song the world is at peace.
    • That morning she wore a pretty carnation pink dress, a belt clasped perfectly around her waist.
    • She used her skill to please, with pretty, decorative painting, some of which adorns the ceilings of Burlington House.
    • Originally quite a good song with a pretty melody it's now some drab techno.
    • She watched the bird with interest, it's pretty song distracting her from what would soon be happening.
    • The song was pretty, and when he glanced at Alexandra she seemed to be focusing most of her mind on it.
    • The plant's foliage withers back during the summer while pretty, orange-red berries appear in the fall.
    • She liked pretty dresses and nice shoes and she enjoyed being a little lady.
    • She has beautiful even skin and her hair is short and undyed, flecked pretty silver.
    • That's not to say everyone's prancing around in pretty dresses and playing lutes in elven glens.
    • If he hadn't known her there was no cheating, just him being a man attracted to a pretty woman.
    • She was disgustingly pretty, with beautiful sapphire eyes and smooth complexion.
    • Except for when they told her she was pretty and could attract any guy she wanted.
    • She was pretty, in a delicate sort of way, but there was something earthy about her.
    • He really did think that she was pretty and would be beautiful if she dressed up a bit.
    • It was a computerised person, a pretty female with a high pitched, girl voice.
    • People always look at pretty women as not very smart, so you have to do double to prove them wrong.
    • Met a really nice and pretty girl on the train home tonight, a student at Portsmouth Uni studying marketing.
    • She was very shy and she didn't understand what a lovely, pretty girl she was.
    • He even used to note down who sat in which carriage, and what people wore, especially pretty girls.
    • He didn't know how he'd ever gotten a nice, pretty girl like her to talk to him.
    • She was around twelve, a fair pretty girl with coffee hair and soft hazel eyes.
    • He blamed it on the fact that he was a naturally shy person, around pretty girls especially.
    • The boys in the whole town are crazy about her since she is so pretty and many girls hate her.
    • One night I ran into a pretty girl who seemed to think I was attractive.
    • The guy gave in; he couldn't say no to that pretty girl in the nice dress.
    • Well, just as the person was beginning to do that, a pretty woman walks by and the guard looks at her and waves the guy on.
    • Good thing it's nice outside and there are pretty girls walking past.
  • 2informal

    (sum) bonito informal
    (profit) pingüe
    a pretty mess you've got yourself into! ¡en menudo lío te has metido! ironic
    • Played in horrible conditions with gusting gales and sweeping rain this was never going to be a pretty affair.
    • The game began and for thirty minutes it wasn't a pretty affair by any stretch of the imagination.
    • A derby match is seldom a pretty affair, with so much at stake games become scrappy.
    • This was far from a pretty affair; in fact it was downright ugly.
    • The last ten minutes was a scrappy, even bad-tempered, affair, which offered little in the way of pretty football.
    • With the wind dominating affairs this was never going to be a day for pretty rugby.


  • 1

    (rather, quite) bastante
    (emphatic) bien
    (emphatic) muy
    pretty good results resultados bastante buenos
    • that seems pretty unlikely eso me parece muy poco probable
    • I pretty soon realized that … tardé bien / muy poco en darme cuenta de que …
    • you have to be pretty stupid to believe that! ¡hay que ser bien / muy tonto para creerse eso!
    • you pretty nearly poked my eye out with that umbrella! ¡casi me sacas el ojo con ese paraguas!
    • Their match at Bad Blood was pretty decent and I enjoyed it to a certain degree.
    • It was a pretty bad injury, and it was pouring blood onto the already stained carpet.
    • Funny, she thought, his injuries looked pretty bad just ten minutes ago.
    • Now, I've done data analysis before; I did a psychology degree so I'm pretty used to it.
    • The government plans to make students pay more for their education, but the price tag for a degree is already pretty hefty.
    • There were two pretty bad ones, but the worst injury was called a sucking chest wound.
    • Aside from this, the video and audio transfer is fairly grainy and overall pretty horrible.
    • Well, yes they did, and we agree that 50 billionths of a degree Kelvin sounds pretty chilly to us.
    • I think there are still people who don't realise that it does affect your life to a pretty serious degree.
    • As I say, this sort of relativism is pretty popular in certain circles.
    • He sent me quite a handsome apology for his abuse of me so I think he is a pretty decent sort, basically.
    • It is a good vintage and the prices are pretty reasonable in comparison to the 2000.
    • We were both in pretty bad situations to have started a serious relationship.
    • My reasoning is that I actually have to be in a pretty bad mood to write this, as sad as that sounds.
    • This morning's exam was not too bad at all - pretty straightforward.
    • I think probably what was dangerous about him was that he was a frustrated poet and really a pretty bad psychiatrist.
    • Thanks again to everyone who came by and witnessed some pretty bad drunkenness.
    • The great irony is that being so fit can be pretty unhealthy.
    • Also, it's a pretty bad breakup, so I don't want to leave him with anything extra.
    • Yes, I think, if you are out in the country in England you can get some pretty bad food.