Translation of prevailing in Spanish:


preponderante, adj.

Pronunciation /prɪˈveɪlɪŋ/

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    (wind) preponderante
    (trend/view) imperante
    (trend/view) preponderante
    (uncertainty) reinante
    in the prevailing economic climate en el actual clima económico
    • By poking holes, lots of holes, in the prevailing theories of today.
    • Return might be the hideous height of his prevailing good intentions.
    • Rather, the original decision is a more accurate reflection of the attitudes prevailing in senior government circles.
    • Critical opinion of his work has undergone the vicissitudes of prevailing tastes in art.
    • Among the patrons in theater lobbies each summer, the prevailing accent is (accents are) American.
    • Reciprocity has been the prevailing view for most of the nation's history.
    • Under the prevailing view, talented people can naturally expect greater income.
    • The other prevailing stereotype, that crack-using women are unfit mothers, was in a sense upheld by the women themselves.
    • Open source software is often portrayed as a breakthrough in the free and open exchange of intellectual property, without precedent in the prevailing global capitalist mentality.
    • Wilson, like Attlee, nailed his colours to the prevailing exchange rate.
    • Many of the major advances in the pulmonary circulation were led by mavericks, such as Forssman, Moser, and Petty, who pursued their passion against prevailing opinion.
    • In spite of prevailing opinion, the.32 S&amp[.;]W Long is not a toy.
    • It is obviously contrary to the prevailing mood throughout the country.
    • Despite the three ATRs, there is a prevailing feeling that justice has not been done.
    • Certainly, the South's geographical advantages added to a prevailing sense of overconfidence that independence could be achieved easily.
    • Her statement encapsulates the prevailing mood of optimism in this sprawling settlement.
    • The problem is that the prevailing global sentiment has been against the idea of killing any more whales.
    • Now the prevailing opinion is that, with few exceptions, NFL teams are well-stocked at the most critical position on offense.
    • The prevailing culture is that you are not allowed to make a judgement.
    • The prevailing view was that a survey should be conducted among the youth in the form of a questionnaire to establish what they wanted.