Translation of prevent in Spanish:


impedir, v.

Pronunciation /prəˈvɛnt/ /prɪˈvɛnt/

Definition of impedir in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    (departure/capture) impedir
    to prevent sb/sth (from) -ing, to prevent sb's/sth's -ing impedir que algn/algo + subj
    • When it did eventually get underway there were several red flag incidents, stopping the session and preventing anyone really getting into their rhythm.
    • It prevents people from stopping and loitering there for all hours of the night and deciding what mischief they're going to get up to.
    • As if on cue, a tire started going flat Saturday, but a timely pit stop prevented him from losing much position.
    • Parents should also ensure their fences and gates are secure to prevent children from getting out.
    • In his introduction, Hughes says that this nightmare was necessary for him to overcome the block that had prevented him from writing the book.
    • Taylor's slip prevented him from intercepting Robert's cross and a scrum of bodies stopped the ball crossing the line.
    • He said his client did not understand that the order preventing him from buying alcohol stopped him from entering pubs, and he had only wanted a soft drink.
    • Well ok, it was only a dream, but the point is it stopped me getting a good night's sleep, which prevented me from writing to my full capacity today.
    • It is in my judgment equally likely that he has some mental or psychological block that simply prevents him from considering any other point of view.
    • PIN-protect your mobile phone to prevent anyone checking your text messages or address book.
    • This would also save NHS resources by preventing patients from being unnecessarily added to waiting lists.
    • And yet the checks designed to prevent such people being employed in schools raised no alarms.
    • I could have stopped the invasion where it was… but something prevented me.
    • They have blocked her driveway, preventing her family from returning home.
    • It was made without notice and so excluded the defendant from the process and prevented him from challenging it, he said.
    • Checks were made in the roof space but fire spread prevented us from entering the attic.
    • He was then arrested and grabbed by the throat to prevent him swallowing anything.
    • The purple dye stays on the finger for about a week to prevent anyone trying to vote a second time.
    • In a desperate attempt to restrain him she then sat on him to try to prevent him from moving.
    • Frustration is a blockage, you are prevented from fulfilling your desires.
  • 2

    (crime/disease/accident) prevenir
    (crime/disease/accident) evitar
    • Too often one finds that two or three players make the same runs into space when a little bit of thought would have prevented it happening.
    • Anything that can prevent a tragedy from happening should be carefully adhered to.
    • The prime focus for us is to prevent them happening in the first place.
    • Each is a tragedy, and it is right to seek solutions to why it happened, and to try to prevent them happening again.
    • As with most management problems, the key to preventing a crisis from happening is early recognition.
    • We talk about it now, we know it's there, we have a small army of social workers dedicated to identifying it and preventing it from happening again.
    • Surprise checks by the police, during day and night, can go a long way in checking the menace, thus preventing fatal road accidents.
    • Perhaps if she and her parents could have had the help and support needed it might have gone a long way in preventing this tragedy from happening.
    • They could plan how it must happen; they turned the ship of state around and prevented it from being wrecked on the rocks of revenge.
    • When my wife and I were mugged someone got a police officer in no time but we should be trying to prevent the attacks happening.
    • We rang all our news outlets to explain the difficulties to them and are doing all we can to prevent the same thing happening again.
    • And he made an impassioned plea for changes to be made to prevent a similar tragedy happening again.
    • New security guidelines and technology are being put in place to prevent a similar problem happening again.
    • It may involve going to Pearson Airport to try to prevent a deportation from happening.
    • But her experiences made her determined to prevent the same thing happening to others.
    • I think that avoidable deaths like these could be prevented if people could stop smoking publicly.
    • To compound matters he was unable to prevent the club from being relegated last season.
    • Unable to prevent the sliding, the authorities had no choice but to abandon the project.
    • Ultimately, it was unable to prevent the Soviet invasion of the Baltic states in 1940.
    • The union was unable to prevent the strike, but it is instructive to look at how it was conducted.