Translation of prey in Spanish:


presa, n.

Pronunciation /preɪ/

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  • 1

    (animal, bird)
    presa feminine
    • Rodents are prey for avian, reptilian, and mammalian predators.
    • The enzymes and toxins in scorpion venom are used by the arachnid to paralyse its prey and digest its food.
    • The calving lures many animals of prey, including lions and spotted hyena.
    • Vulnerability, habitat selection, or other variables may affect where predators kill prey.
    • Perhaps this shows us another reason for fear of spiders - it is the only other creature that sets traps and toys with its prey before killing it.
    • Many animals that are prey, such as rabbits and deer, have much less binocular vision.
    • Animals have the vegetable kingdom for their nourishment, and within the animal kingdom again every animal is the prey and food of some other.
    • Think of a carnivore animal evolving powerful jaws to catch and kill its prey.
    • Many snakes also use their bending skills to kill their prey by coiling tightly around them.
    • Insects feeding on the blood of higher animals locate their prey by following the high CO2 gradient produced by its breath.
    • Venoms immobilise and kill their prey by blocking certain ‘targets’ within the body.
    • Giant condors scavenged on the remains of prey killed by predators such as the American lion and sabre-toothed cats.
    • Pythons are constrictors, meaning they rely on strength, not venom, to kill their prey.
    • Lions when deprived of their usual prey occasionally attack domestic animals and even human beings.
    • Carnivora have long teeth and claws for holding and killing prey; vegetarian animals have short teeth and no claws.
    • These birds, endemic in southern Africa, are obligate scavengers, which means they are unable to kill their own prey as eagles or hawks do.
    • Spotted hyenas kill their own prey more often than they scavenge.
    • I would also like to point out that foxes prey on rabbits and other small animals for food, which is a natural instinct, but humans are not natural predators to the fox.
    • She owned the wild animals, both prey and predators, and looked after them.
    • To assure the bugs have enough food if insect prey is scarce, place some apple slices in the nursery.
  • 2

    presa feminine
    • That the enemy had not singled Winfred out to be easy prey was nothing short of pure fortune, especially with the battle still raging before his eyes.
    • A lot of youth are illiterate and unemployed and easy prey.
    • In this hot, desert-like mountain landscape I too would be easy prey.
    • Should we fumble, should we fall in the middle of the road, we will become easy prey.
    • Security-shy residents are allowing themselves to become easy prey for burglars.
    • As more visitors come to centres like Newry, unfortunately so too do criminals on the lookout for easy prey.
    • The carnival regularly attracts armies of purse snatchers and pickpockets who find easy prey among the revellers.
    • Benson Osawe, academic affairs officer at the university's student union, said students were often seen as easy prey.
    • The niggling doubts surrounding his decision made so long ago fashioned him as easy prey for Jennifer's plan.
    • Call it greed, ignorance or gullibility, some people will always be the ‘marks’ - easy prey for the confidence tricksters.
    • He had made himself easy prey, since he had kicked off his shoes.
    • There wasn't much Joe enjoyed more than baiting his brothers and Adam, with his more volatile temper, was easy prey.
    • When I became disoriented I knew I was easy prey for her lioness ways.
    • They usually fed along the alley ways, since they were highways for the city's riffraff and homeless - usually easy prey.
    • They deserve a lot of credit for the way they compete each week, knowing that most teams regard them as easy prey.
    • The region's 70,000-strong student population is the largest in the country and criminals often see them as easy prey.
    • In addition, people who were with drawing money from banks were easy prey for robbers.
    • Decadent, corrupt nobles were always easy prey for barbarians and rebels.
    • If we kept you on, the employee who had cost us so much, we would look like a laughing stock, and we'd also be easy prey for rival businesses.
    • That makes them easy prey for insurance crooks who promise to recoup more than a policy is worth - for a fee - then disappear.