Translation of prick in Spanish:


pinchazo, n.

Pronunciation /prɪk/

Definition of pinchazo in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(act)

      pinchazo masculine
      piquete masculine Mexico
      to feel the prick of conscience tener remordimientos de conciencia
      • He muttered under his breath as she was lost from sight and turned as a sharp prick was felt on his neck.
      • I feel the prick of the pin against my skin and wonder where my friends and family would be in another time.
      • One of the kings announces that Sancho Panza will bring Altisidora back to life by experiencing her suffering in the form of twenty-five slaps in the face, twelve pinches and six pricks with a pin on his arms and back.
      • She saw Jesica turn away as the sharp prick of teeth caused her blood to flow.
      • He started to turn around when he felt a sharp prick by the side of his neck.
      • Grab a branch of a young acacia tree crawling with appropriately named thornbugs and you just might utter an ‘ouch’ at the sharp prick.
      • She applied a little pressure for a moment, sure it wouldn't bleed much more since it was only a little prick, then looked up at Alex.
      • The pin is uncapped, but its prick is no worse than a grenade by your side, or the constant threat of sudden death.
      • There's now again this huge industry which in your career has just expanded, and most people who've had a baby are aware that their baby has a heel prick in the first week of life before they go home, usually, or by the nurse at home.
      • The pain associated with lancet pricks has been largely overcome.
      • A tiny prick is made on your finger and the minute sample used to ensure that you are not anaemic or ill in any other way.
      • With a simply prick of a needle; he had enough blood to test.
      • If possible, it is preferable to use consistently either finger prick or venous blood.
      • Haemoglobin concentration was measured by finger prick before and 24 hours after delivery.
      • Breast feeding was allowed for two minutes and stopped before a heel prick.
      • At that moment, someone entered the room and Jared felt a sharp pin prick in his arm.
      • The sudden prick in his arm wasn't enough to shake his thoughts and he jerked away from it.
      • ‘Aha,’ she said suddenly, as Timon felt a sudden prick in his finger.
      • As though rebuking her, she felt the sharp prick of a needle on her arm.
      • Maybe those nurses and sergeants had had more important things to think about than feelings regarding a prick of the skin.

    • 1.2(mark)

      agujero masculine
      • If there is evidence, what they're going to be looking for are some pitting of the metal, which are little tiny pinhole pricks.
      • Two pricks were found on Cleopatra's arm, and it was believed that she had allowed herself to be bitten by an asp (a kind of poisonous snake).

  • 2vulgar slang

    • 2.1(penis)

      verga feminine vulgar slang
      polla feminine Spain vulgar slang
      pija feminine River Plate vulgar slang
      pico masculine Chile vulgar slang
      • Not just stupid and dangerous, but a bigoted prick too - the photo he objected to was inter-racial.
      • You changed me from a prick like Alex into someone who cares and besides you're so loving and caring.
      • She would almost feel sorry for him and give in, if it wasn't for the fact that he was an incompetent prick.
      • ‘I hate you for being a dumb and incredibly stupid, conceited prick,’ I said.
      • Well, it turns out that she dated that stupid prick, Aaron!
      • So me and Sean get along great, I'm the clumsy bumbling idiot and he's the intellectual prick who laughs whenever I do something idiotic which so happens to be quite often.
      • However, isolated instances of acting like a prick are unlikely to make me dislike myself or think that I am bad at relationships.
      • I assume that anyone who reads Blogcritics is fairly media savvy to begin with, so you certainly don't need me to tell you that the man is a self-obsessed, insufferable prick.
      • I know my brother wouldn't do that, he isn't some prick who would just use and abuse you.
      • Ellaine didn't have time for this annoying prick.

    • 2.2(as insult)

      pendejo masculine Latin America informal
      huevón masculine Andes, Venezuela vulgar slang
      gilipollas masculine Spain informal, vulgar slang
      pelotudo masculine South America vulgar slang
      boludo masculine Colombia, River Plate vulgar slang

transitive verb

  • 1

    (pierce, wound)
    (balloon/sausage) pinchar
    (balloon/sausage) picar Mexico
    I pricked my finger on/with the needle me pinché el dedo con la aguja
    • to prick a hole in sth hacerle un agujero a algo
    • to prick a pattern marcar un diseño con agujeritos
    • Fee jammed her finger into a small hole, wincing as a needle pricked it, and a drop of blood fell on the DNA scanner.
    • Two weeks before, she had pricked her index finger on a thorny cactus.
    • When I crawl into my bag, a sharp object pricks my thigh and I grope after it: pinecone.
    • People pricked by errant needles can get specialized treatment at the Post Exposition Centre of the St-Luc Hospital.
    • All you do is half the tomatoes and fry them in butter for five minutes, first cut side down, over a moderate heat, all the time pricking the firm sides with a sharp knife.
    • But that goes out of the window the minute the first needle pricks the buttocks, shattering the calm of any expectations.
    • The young man lay on his bare back, feeling the needles pricking his skin and listening to the sound of the tattoo instrument.
    • A needle pricks my arm and slowly all my muscles begin to relax.
    • He grabbed a needle-like object and pricked a hole in the tool.
    • The parents of a youngster who pricked his finger on a hypodermic needle in a park face an agonising wait to find out if he has caught any diseases.
    • Mrs Harris said while one villager was gardening he narrowly missed pricking his finger on a needle thrown in his hedge.
    • A needle pricked her arm and Diana felt her blood gushing into the little tube that was attached to the sharp needle.
    • A nurse comes over and takes a blood sample by pricking the baby's finger with a needle and squeezing blood into a test tube.
    • Oliver took out a needle and pricked his index finger and squeezed a drop of blood onto an empty slide.
    • Homer got out a hunting knife and pricked his thumb.
    • The flesh steams inside the potato's skin, and pricking it before putting it into the oven allows some of this steam to escape.
    • Babies have their heels pricked after they are born to perform a test.
    • Muttering to myself about the size of my purse, I pricked myself on a mechanical pencil tip.
    • For the grapefruit confit: In a pot, combine grapefruit sections, water and sugar and cook on low until the peel is tender when pricked.
    • Meanwhile fry or poach the egg (eggs poach fine, yolk pricked, in a ramekin in a domestic microwave).
  • 2

    (ears/dog) levantar
    (ears/dog) parar Latin America
    • The horse pricked its ears and let loose a shrill whinny, trotting to Robyn.
    • The three horses tied out front pricked their ears, giving a start.
    • She looked back to her horse, whose ears were pricked forward in anticipation.
    • As Leigh and Woodhouse point out, a horse with its ears pricked can be showing the sign of ‘an alert and willing horse’.
    • Demon picked his head up and pricked his ears forward as he watched the other stallion moving away.
    • He nodded curtly to the noble, and then shouted the command to remount, which they did, the horses tossing their heads, ears pricked in excitement.
    • The surge in my stomach because it could still happen, because it was happening in a matter of seconds as they rushed to the line, my horse's head down, ears pricked back, nostrils flared, winning.
    • Nearby stood the two deer-creatures, ears pricked, watching with curiosity rather than alarm.
    • Whilst I was doing this, my Mother said she heard a voice calling something, and the dog's ears pricked up.
    • Taking the lead as the field straightened for home, Pegasus charged down the middle of the stretch with his ears pricked, signally he still had plenty left.
    • With his ears pricked, Heart slowed himself up.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (pin/thorn) pinchar
    (pin/thorn) picar Mexico
    (conscience) remorder
    it will prick a little, that's all vas a sentir solo un pinchazo
    • High street stores peppered with products bearing the slogan ‘guarantees a better deal for Third World producers’ could be a familiar sight by the end of the year, if the campaign pricks the public's conscience.
    • Even so their marriage is more than a mutually acceptable business proposition: he genuinely loves her in his way and she him in hers, so he claims when his conscience pricks him.
    • The blind loyalty to a charismatic leader or group without heeding conscience when it pricks us on issues.
    • There is a happy ending, however, as Zigby, pricked by a guilty conscience, builds the friendly ants a new home out of mud.
    • It may or may not prick someone's conscience to cause them to come forward, even if it's just a passenger.
    • Her conscience pricked her every time she thought of how mad she had gotten at Kirby before The Christmas Concert and had nearly deserted her friend.
    • His conscience pricked him as he cleaned and dressed himself.
    • It pricked many a conscience, a reminder of how we missed Peter's advice.
    • Interviewing film stars can be a laborious, arid affair: frail egos and zeppelin-like self-importance easily pricked.
    • Nonetheless, it still bothered him in the back of his mind, pricking at him like an annoying and persistent mosquito, which just wouldn't let up.
    • Her conscience pricked as she took one of the seats near the very back corner.
    • His political conscience is pricked into life by his friendship with black school caretaker Gordon.
    • I guess it means that we should keep pricking away at him but make no serious effort to get him to resign or step down.
    • A strange, unfamiliar yet intimately familiar sensation pricked at her back then, and she reached back to touch… what on earth!
    • Often had little Emit heard the sounds at night - sharp sounds that pricked at his ears and his temples.
    • On Mother's Day here, there's a sharp piece of glass lodged under my heart, it pricks at my heart every so often today, to know my mom isn't here anymore.
    • The pain in her lip increased and a sudden sharp pain pricked at her gums.
    • Relieved at some respite from this situation, the daggers of worry which had been pricking at my mind began to leave for just the briefest of moments…
    • Her voice towards Millie was somewhat pricking and authoritative.
    • He can see nothing, but he can feel the nearness of the Spider - sharpness pricking at his throat with unexpected care.
    • Blotchy foot skin then develops with swelling, numbness, tingling, pricking or a wooden feeling in the feet.
    • Slowly, she could feel an extraordinary force of power behind her, as if pricking on her skin to taunt her.
    • He lathered up in the shower, the water pricking and pounding down on his skin.
    • Shame and loneliness pricked at the boy's flesh.
    • It was not merely irritation that pricked at me.
    • But the thought of War still pricked at Ryane's mind.
  • 2

    (eyes) arder
    (eyes) escocer
    (skin) escocer
    (skin) arder Southern Cone
    • By the time Lydia had earned her breakfast, her delicate hands were red and stinging, and tears pricked her eyes as she bathed them.
    • She told her twin of their sister without any emotion, and her brother only nodded, silent tears pricking his eyes and disappearing without falling.
    • He felt tears pricking his eyes again, and brushed them away.
    • Stella's head started spinning and she felt tears pricking her eyes.
    • Manda clamped her hand to her mouth, feeling tears pricking her eyes.
    • Sensing her despair, Malachi felt tears pricking his own eyes.
    • She felt tears pricking her eyes, and realized they had been there since she had touched his face.
    • Shivering, I started to hum the song my mother used to sing to me, tears pricking my eyes.
    • Tears pricked Melissa's eyes at the scorn in Marsey's voice and for a moment she looked as if she would crumble.
    • Tears pricked Martha's eyes as she hugged Tanya back.
    • Tears pricked my eyes but I forced them not to fall.
    • The memory jolted me and fresh tears pricked my eyes.
    • When I woke later that day, tears of shame pricked my eyes.
    • Tears pricked her eyes and she wiped them away at once.
    • Tears pricked her eyes, she stared at the letter in shock.
    • Tears pricked my eyes, but I made steady my voice.
    • Tears pricked her eyes, her cheeks looked flushed, and she hung up the phone without another word.
    • Aislinn slumped back against the pillows, feeling tears prick her eyes.
    • I felt unexpected tears prick my eyes and a lump swelled in my throat.
    • I felt tears of shame prick my eyes, but I forced them back, looking up at Ella.