Translation of prie-dieu in Spanish:


reclinatorio, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpri ˈdjə/ /priːˈdjəː/

nounplural prie-dieux

  • 1

    reclinatorio masculine
    • Opposite these, says Patricia, are three chairs and prie-dieux and servers' stalls.
    • Kneeling at the prie-dieu, I had only a few minutes, certainly no more than ten, to think what I wanted to think and pray what I wanted to pray in this moment I had so long anticipated and so irrationally hoped would never come.
    • The rest were collected by Mrs. Gardner, and they can ordinarily be seen where she put them, at various places throughout her museum-in one of the two chapels, or on a stairway landing, or mounted on top of a prie-dieu.