Translation of primp in Spanish:


acicalarse, v.

Pronunciation /prɪmp/

intransitive verb

  • 1


transitive verb

  • 1

    to primp one's hair arreglarse el pelo
    • to primp oneself acicalarse
    • I had spent the afternoon before primping - washing my hair, deliberating over clothes, and carefully applying makeup, all with Trisha's help.
    • And they are right to some extent - I'm not an exercise buff, I don't starve myself, and I don't spend hours primping in front of the mirror.
    • And now here he is, primping his hair, smoothing down the front of his striped shirt just to get the relationship back on track.
    • She's always primping, putting on makeup, taking extraordinary care with her hair, her looks, her clothes.
    • Unlike some people I know, I don't need to spend hours primping and admiring myself in the mirror.
    • I prefer wearing my hair down and spending my time doing things other than primping.
    • Meg slipped on her long pink dress, and stood in front of the mirror, primping her hair playfully.
    • Her normally neat and primped hair was now disheveled and arranged on her head as though she'd purposely stuck her head out of a car window on the highway.
    • There's a reporter who has no idea the cam is on and he's rehearsing and primping and preening.
    • Oh, and let me tell you… I already did my hair, brushed my teeth, shaved, plucked, primped, deodorized, sprayed myself with cologne and got dressed before he even picked out the underwear he was going to wear.
    • He primped and preened for the cameras like a Hollywood diva.
    • Time we'd got home and I'd put our lunch together, the afternoon was well under way and so we decided I should absent myself again while Graham dashed round to primp and preen the place and see the visitors through.
    • The contestants primp and preen, surrounded by clucking coteries of friends and parents.
    • You primp, you preen, you eat just right enough to get that bathing suit to hang just so.
    • Walking over to the door, I primped my hair a bit and smiled.
    • She primped her hair one more time, and blotted her lips once, for good luck.
    • She looked at her fingernails with great interest and, seeming satisfied, moved on to primp her hair.
    • Saturday night, Kara was primping in front of the mirror and nervously fussing with her hair.
    • Varsha was a respectable opponent, but she spent most of her time out of the arena primping and shopping, caring for nothing more than her appearance in public.
    • The contestants, from 11 Asian countries, Germany and France, primped backstage as they answered questions about themselves.