Translation of principle in Spanish:


principio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɪnsəpəl/ /ˈprɪnsɪp(ə)l/

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    • 1.1(basic fact, law)

      principio masculine
      I work on the principle that nothing is impossible yo parto de la base de que nada es imposible
      • on that principle sobre esa base
      • to start from first principles empezar por lo básico / por los principios fundamentales
      • to go back to first principles volver a lo básico / a los principios fundamentales
      • And yet, of course, our principles of fairness and justice must be upheld.
      • Although its application was inevitably uneven, the Code Napoléon was intended to serve as a universal set of principles founded on reason.
      • Following the enlightenment principle of truth through reason alone, it was thought that history cannot be determined until theology has been removed.
      • The assumption is that these principles of justice underlie any conception of the good.
      • What are some of the basic principles and beliefs of Catholicism?
      • It is a fundamental principle in our system of justice that people are treated the same, regardless of their income or status in life, and it is important to uphold that.
      • It is a fraternal order whose basic principles are philanthropy, truth and brotherly love.
      • But it was only with the publication of Filangieri's great work that a comprehensive reformulation of the nature and underlying principles of the state and of society finally emerged.
      • One of the basic principles of a democratic, liberal country is the decentralization of power.
      • The freedom to make a choice is the basic principle of our democratic world.
      • There's sense here in going back to some of the basic principles of liberal political philosophy.
      • The basic principle for a democratic republic is the independence of the three branches of government executive, legislature and judiciary.
      • Draconian provisions which alter the principles and foundation of our legal system may serve in the long run to undermine that system and give rise to perfidies not initially contemplated.
      • This is a foundation principle of western justice and a basic human right.
      • It is simply not possible to negotiate a political settlement with people who do not understand, or who refuse to accept, basic democratic principles.
      • The challenge to their leadership is to have the courage to support basic democratic principles, only excluding those, who by their actions exclude themselves.
      • In this introductory article, we lay out some basic principles for understanding complex systems.
      • In my tale, I set out the metaphysical principles, i.e. principles outside the closed system of the ethics being discussed, on which the ethics are based.
      • The evenly balanced scales of blind justice derive from this principle.
      • The principles of natural law gained ground, and accompanying them came a growing belief in the equality of all human beings.
      • Yet, that was the age of levers and pulleys, and machines based on mechanical principles were being used as analog computers in many different ways.
      • The principles underlying steam power, machine tools, and mass production were less familiar, hence less transparent.
      • However, back then, explanations that were given to the general public regarding the actual principle of the flying machine appeared to be quite vague.
      • He might have used mechanical aids such as Alberti's veil, the various gadgets illustrated by Durer, or other machines following similar principles.
      • Mbemba designed the machine around the mathematical principle of the sinuskurve, or sine wave.
      • He adopted a new basis for hydrostatics, using two principles from his mechanics, and explained for the first time how a heavy beam can be floated in very little water.

    • 1.2(motive force)

      principio masculine
      the pleasure principle el principio de placer
      • If you can forsake your fundamental principles for any reason then you are not the kind of person who can take the country forward.
      • Rarely have I encountered anyone as passionate and determined in his principles as Donald Bruce, a true patriot and a man who led a remarkable life.
      • There are three key defining experiences in my life that form the foundation of my principles and beliefs.
      • But I'm going to speak directly from the heart based on the principles that I believe in.
      • Commonly, the codes will address certain principles, and these will be governed by written rules.
      • Law, in the sense of rules and principles that govern human conduct, is a blunt instrument.
      • Doing what's right appears to be more of a concern for him than for the average person; his platform is strongly governed by his personal principles.
      • These principles have governed Snow's approach in growing the family business tenfold since he took the reins in the mid 1980s.
      • Although some aspects of suicidal behaviour might be interpreted as rational, the behaviour is contrary to basic biological principles of survival.

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    (rule of conduct)
    principio masculine
    a man/woman of (high) principle un hombre/una mujer de principios
    • it was a matter of principle era una cuestión de principios
    • I never borrow money, on principle or as a matter of principle nunca pido dinero prestado, por principio
    • to have no principles no tener principios
    • it is against my principles va contra mis principios
    • she's always lived up to her principles siempre ha sido consecuente con sus principios
    • it's the principle of the thing es una cuestión de principios