Translation of problem-solving in Spanish:


resolución de problemas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɑːbləmˌsɑːlvɪŋ/ /ˈprɒbləmˌsɒlvɪŋ/


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    resolución de problemas feminine
    • Training is provided to the members of each group to assist with problem-solving.
    • I find the daily problem-solving process to be an art in itself.
    • He didn't have the problem-solving skills to think of an alternative to standing out in the cold all day.
    • In some cases the advances of technology promote cooperation and problem-solving.
    • As children learn problem-solving procedures and words, they become increasingly capable of solving problems for themselves.
    • Can't we look beyond outward appearances and focus on developing creativity, self-esteem, problem-solving skills, and love for the arts?
    • Engineering, at its core, is about problem solving.
    • University students actively engage in problem solving in a real world situation.
    • Independent filmmaking is largely about problem solving, due to the fact that your resources are so limited.
    • A good puzzle game tests logic, reflexes and wit in the act of problem solving.
    • Problem solving has become another priority for companies.
    • Design isn't just a matter of taste and style, at the heart of design is problem solving.
    • Women bring a different perspective on problem solving, or decision making.
    • Contestants were judged for their problem solving, code writing, and software testing.