Translation of procedural in Spanish:


de procedimiento, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈsidʒərəl/ /proʊˈsidʒərəl/ /prəˈsiːdʒ(ə)rəl/


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    de procedimiento
    • There were ample procedural safeguards: an informal inquiry coupled with the availability of judicial review.
    • The Department has also been charged with a variety of procedural irregularities.
    • The point I am seeking to make, your Honours, is that this is a provision which is procedural in nature.
    • The objections to the process are not just procedural.
    • Warfare is highly procedural, with methodical approaches to the conduct of military operations.
    • But the case was decided on purely procedural grounds.
    • She was originally convicted of murder, but had the verdict overturned at appeal because of procedural flaws.
    • There is nothing in the procedural rules or the practice of the courts which prevents this.
    • This morning the bill cleared the second of three procedural hurdles.
    • What procedural guarantees are there that the wars it fights will be just?