Translation of procedure in Spanish:


procedimiento, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈsidʒər/ /prəˈsiːdʒə/

Definition of procedimiento in Spanish


  • 1

    (practice) procedimiento masculine
    (step) trámite masculine
    legal procedures trámites legales
    • the procedure to be followed in such cases el procedimiento a seguir en tales casos
    • the normal procedure is to … lo que se hace normalmente es …
    • joining the library is a simple procedure el trámite para hacerse socio de la biblioteca es sencillo
    • The idea is to standardize procedures in order to avoid confusion and eliminate the many gray areas encountered in the past.
    • And so, we do communicate with the vessel and we follow a set series of procedures.
    • People who do well in the test are often also those who do well in exams - they're good at following a simple series of procedures.
    • A series of grievance procedures and disciplinary hearings have made an already tense situation worse.
    • Unfortunately, no procedures exist to conduct habitual training with these units.
    • The processes are automated procedures employed to conduct the activities of business.
    • However, some of the failures were in breach of existing orders and procedures and many had been identified on earlier occasions.
    • Large state-owned organizations have been noted for having slow and complicated ordering procedures.
    • They also must be versed in proper procedures for placing food orders with the kitchen.
    • In this manner we ensure our procedures are both acceptable and effective.
    • It cannot take advantage of defects in internal procedures in order to defeat the making of a contract.
    • Properly conducted, these procedures would have ensured that wells could not vent to atmosphere.
    • A series of procedures that will cumulatively have such an effect is also covered.
    • At what point does the application of such procedures destroy the order itself?
    • We have no standards or clear procedures about how things are done.
    • And as the night progresses, I am introduced to doormen's standard procedures.
    • Floors were reportedly awash with engine oil, and standard safety procedures were said to have been ignored.
    • The institute has since reviewed and updated examination procedures and tightened security.
    • If this is your idea of customer service then you seriously need to review your procedures.
    • So you do not get a reference for a delay; you are generating and originating your own procedures by constant review from a time point?
  • 2

    procedimiento masculine
    • In addition, input and output values of protected software procedures are monitored.
    • The choice is between manual procedures or a simple software solution.
    • It is evident that e-mail viruses have had the most profound effect on data backup procedures.
    • What about stored procedures, triggers and views created on the relational database?
    • Some of the procedures or demonstration data can be permanently saved in the database.