There are 2 main translations of process in Spanish

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proceso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɑˌsɛs/ /ˈproʊˌsɛs/ /ˈprəʊsɛs/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(series of actions, changes)

      proceso masculine
      the electoral/decision-making process el proceso electoral/de toma de decisiones
      • the aging process el envejecimiento
      • the peace process el proceso de paz
      • the process of obtaining a permit el trámite para obtener un permiso
      • he made money, but lost a lot of friends in the process hizo dinero pero con ello perdió muchos amigos
      • in process en construcción
      • He breaks every step of the process into a series of questions.
      • Gap analysis of all the business processes is the first step in any e-business project.
      • This was an important step in processes seeking to further deepen our democracy.
      • A second step in the overall process is to collect data relevant to the problem.
      • The current process is not achieving significant progress, but minor concessions calculated to win more time.
      • Helping them restore physiological functions is the first step in the treatment process.
      • Individuals, like groups and organization, resist changing established processes until those processes fail to achieve desired results.
      • Many people have lost their hope regarding this issue because no fruitful results of such processes have been achieved so far.
      • This would be achieved by a transparent process whereby the bills in issue would be made clear to the voters at election time.
      • The first step in the strengthening process happens when the other candidates drop out.
      • As is so often the case, each individual step in a decision-making process seems to be completely logical and obvious.
      • Moore wanted what he got, a very public fight that he very publicly lost at every step of the process.
      • So, this move has to be seen as a first step towards facilitating the process of computerisation.
      • On the whole, there was a greater emphasis on starting a process than on achieving final goals.
      • The first commitment must be to the dialogue process and to achieve the possible.
      • Bobbitt takes the process one step further, using his analysis of the past to predict the future.
      • Make sure you fully understand every step of the building process and don't let jargon put you off.
      • To think about the outcome will be to neglect the process needed to achieve the end result.
      • To provide a clearly arranged model, we kept the number of processes / steps low.
      • Metabolism is a series of chemical processes through which the body uses the nutrients in food to produce the energy it needs.
      • Byatt's heroines are victims of a culture whose value-systems are prejudiced against nature and natural processes of ageing.
      • Paul knew that Uncle Edward was a biochemist, and a specialist in natural processes, such as photosynthesis and cellular respiration.
      • Food also provides the building blocks for the body's natural repair and maintenance processes.
      • The physical consequences to the woman of pregnancy and childbirth are, of course, natural processes.
      • So, by creation, we mean an origin event contrary to natural processes that has been orchestrated or imposed by a greater power.
      • Defoliation is, of course, a natural process and happens at the end of each growing season in the autumn.
      • IT is well understood that genetic change provides the basis for adaptation processes in natural and domesticated populations.
      • A cascade is a complicated series of processes that ultimately achieves a final, cumulative effect.
      • Many studies present mathematical models that describe evolutionary processes involving bacteria.
      • Understanding the developmental processes underlying specific compositional shifts is more difficult to do.
      • Whether it's first- or second-hand, cigarette smoke complicates the body's wound healing process at the cellular level.
      • Evolution is the process of change over time, over thousands and millions of years.
      • Understanding the body's internal disease process took longer.
      • A burning cigarette is a complex system in which many types of chemical reactions and physical processes occur in parallel.
      • The compounds evaporate into the air through a series of chemical processes that result in especially reflective clouds.
      • These processes convert chemical energy (stored within the cells in the form of biomass) into electrical energy.
      • Darwin himself was prepared to admit that life could gradually emerge by comprehensible chemical processes from non-living precursors
      • The mission will measure and help understand the chemical processes affecting the distribution of ozone in Earth's upper atmosphere.

    • 1.2(method)

      proceso masculine
      procedimiento masculine
      the compounds obtained using this process los compuestos que se obtienen mediante este procedimiento / proceso
      • the material has to undergo various processes hay que someter el material a varios procesos

  • 2

    • 2.1 formal (proceedings)

      acción judicial feminine

    • 2.2(writ)

      demanda feminine
      • The plaintiff must issue his process and must serve it on the defendant.
      • In some jurisdictions, the writ has to be served or the process has to be served before the action is brought.
      • He successfully dodged Earthlink's process servers for several months until they caught up with him in February 2003.
      • I am not persuaded the provinces do have the constitutional or legislative authority to serve a process commenced by summons beyond the borders of Canada.
      • That process was served on Dow Jones in the United States under the two limbs of the Supreme Court Rules.

  • 3

    Anatomy Botany Zoology
    protuberancia feminine
    • Triangular processes occurred in both bones of pairs 58 times from a total of 334 paired scapulae.
    • These anomalies are often extra appendages or processes, and are probably most often produced by injury when the exoskeleton is soft.
    • These processes of the maxilla sometimes project backward in the median plane, separating the horizontal plates from each other.
    • The spinous processes of cervical vertebrae 2, 3, 4, and 5 usually possess cleft spines.
    • The newly formed neuron is still immature; later it extends an axon and dendrite processes, and assumes the morphology of a mature neuron.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (raw materials/waste) procesar
    (raw materials/waste) tratar
    (film) revelar
    • That would mean the nightmare of bad smells suffered by residents during the operation of the wool processing plant could be repeated.
    • He had worked for a chemicals processing company, and was also involved in sports.
    • These included chemicals, various processed articles, machines and equipment.
    • Dozens of nations possess such a capability, which is inherent in modern chemical and food processing industries.
    • The group's export controls also apply to some items of chemical processing equipment.
    • It is processed by a series of soakings, which remove the bitter taste, after which it can be boiled to make an edible jelly or dried and ground to a flour for bread-making.
    • Whiskey, essences, and many products from the oil refinery industry are processed via distillation.
    • With a fluid milk capacity of 32 million pounds, it processes milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, juice and drinks.
    • The demand for soybean oil is excellent, with the product being sold as quickly as it is processed.
    • Shredded cheese products are processed on three lines (one retail and two bulk).
    • Renal biopsies were routinely processed for light, immunofluorescence, and electron microscopy.
    • The fresh tissues were routinely processed for transmission electron microscopy.
    • Sputum was induced, collected, and processed according to a standardized protocol.
    • The tissue was processed according to a method previously used for this tissue.
    • Beef and pork are nearly always sold natural and minimally processed.
    • Industries such as dairy farming and meat processing generate waste materials that are dried or minimally processed into fertilizers.
    • Choose oils that are unrefined and minimally processed.
    • The lungs were pressure fixed and processed for paraffin embedding.
    • For years, it's been assumed that bacteria enter empty feather follicles during poultry processing.
    • A price list must be established for tests processed in the office laboratory.
    • Blood donated to the armed services program will be processed at Lackland for worldwide distribution.
    • Jai Ram Bhai is just one migration lawyer in Suva who says he's processed about 5,000 emigration applications since May last year.
    • It was impossible for Council officials to process that amount of work in one month.
    • The driver of the jeep was arrested and brought to Navan Station where he was processed under drink-driving legislation and breathalysed.
    • After his arrest, he was processed by the police in just eight hours, whilst less famous prisoners can spend up to 36 hours before arraignment.
    • I was not told why I was arrested until after I was processed: obstructing police.
    • He worked eight hours a day in an office processing mountains of applications from people seeking a rebate on a war tax charged on their coal.
    • Upon processing me, the jailer joked that I had just missed juvenile detention.
    • Today Bradford MP Marsha Singh condemned the delay in processing her housing application.
    • Applications for houses were processed by Mayo County Council, and the first tenants took up residence in September 2000.
    • However, her legal situation deteriorated when she left Luxembourg before her application for asylum was processed.
    • But they denied that the application form was processed internally, saying it was sent back to her after being checked.
    • They processed me and ran me through every database they could use, but found nothing.
    • Some large lenders will accept your application but delay processing it until near the end of your grace period.
    • The authorities say they cannot process them all, so he must wait to receive them when he departs.
    • Aladdin thought his case for asylum was being processed by Australian immigration officials but was soon informed of his predicament.
    • Manny is in a total daze as he's processed through the judicial system, handcuffed, and sent to jail.
    • Payments are processed quickly and securely and credit card information is not stored once the transaction is complete.
    • They are also processing the grants as quickly as possible at a bureaucratic level.
    • The Government could have spent some money on processing the forms more quickly instead of a fancy advertising campaign.
    • Application forms are processed according as they are received, so early application is advisable.
  • 2

    (deal with, handle)
    (applications) dar curso a
    (applications) ocuparse de
    (applications) procesar
    (order) tramitar
    (order) ocuparse de
    (candidates) atender
  • 3

    (information/data) procesar
    • Images may be processed or stored locally, or transmitted at a lesser rate.
    • The generated data may be processed through the same software used to process the real data.
    • Once the data have been processed through our programs to manipulate the data and to define trip ends, two steps remain.
    • Spam levels reached a yearly high in July, accounting for 77 per cent of all emails processed by BlackSpider.
    • Digital images of stained material can be easily processed in various image-editing programs.
    • Once the data was acquired it needed to be processed for reporting purposes and then stored in the data warehouse for future access.
    • Data is downloaded onto a server at MIT and processed using pattern recognition software.
    • The data collected will be processed by Stella, one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe.
    • SMP is a technology that allows two threads to be simultaneously processed by the operating system.
    • Within seconds, he receives an email on his Palm Pilot that the image has been processed and the data stored.
    • Payment is made by credit or debit card and is processed securely online in real time.
    • You can also specify if the web page snapshots will be processed.
    • Organisations upload their PDF documents, which are processed and returned with the relevant accessibility features added.
    • The Data Protection Act requires company's maintain servers within the EU but allows that data to be processed anywhere.
    • The net result is that, according to researchers' current calculations data can be processed eight times faster than it is using conventional technology.
    • This allows a signal to be transmitted to and processed by the logic circuitry indicating that a particular key has been selected.
    • But what if the buffer contains a gigabyte of plain text to be processed?
    • A number of researchers have assumed a hierarchical model of language, in which linguistic information is processed in a series of discrete stages.
    • Today's PCs process more information faster than anything imagined in the early days of computing.
    • The data were processed using the software provided by the manufacturer.

There are 2 main translations of process in Spanish

: process1process2


desfilar, v.

Pronunciation /prəˈsɛs/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (go in procession)
    Religion ir en procesión
    • Upon entering the sanctuary, they processed down the aisle towards the altar, which was dimly lit with candles.
    • The men trudged into the bar like polar explorers, and processed soggily towards the fire he'd just lit at the far end of the lounge.
    • The priests process round the church, swinging clouds of incense.
    • We processed through them, stopping at each station for the reading, prayer, and Catholic aerobics of kneeling and standing
    • They stood at the back of the church ready to process down the aisle