Translation of product in Spanish:


producto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɑdəkt/ /ˈprɒdʌkt/

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    • 1.1Business Marketing

      producto masculine
      product development desarrollo de productos
      • product lifecycle ciclo de vida de un producto
      • product line línea de productos
      • product manager gerentede producto
        director de producto
      • product range gama de productos
      • As well as excellence in customer service and innovative marketing, they reward new products and product development.
      • Despite modest gains in food sales and more significant ones in household products, overall sales were down sharply.
      • The company immediately closed their premises, stopped production and withdrew all products from sale.
      • Sales of local products produce local employment and therefore more local expenditure.
      • We now get almost 20 percent of our revenues from internal sales of products and services to our members.
      • They are responsible for the very existence of wages in the production of products for sale.
      • A wool company has embarked upon a development programme which it hopes will boost sales of the product among the younger generation.
      • A number of new books have begun to question the ethics of marketing beauty products and services to adults too.
      • When and where to invest for research and development of new products and services becomes the bigger challenge.
      • Robert Morgan is now vice president of sales, marketing and product development.
      • But turnover from financial services declined six per cent after sales of investment products disappointed.
      • Official sources said there has been a rise in the indices of primary articles and manufactured products.
      • On the revenue side, better and more timely marketing could someday help drive sales of existing products.
      • The case has again riveted the country's attention on the manufacture and sale of fake products.
      • Marketing thus increases the sales of the branded product only.
      • The object of the product sales via the net is aimed at initially helping to break even and somewhere down the track we might even make a profit.
      • They measure their product sales every single day and they will stop producing it if it isn't selling.
      • Solid sales across its major product lines pushed HP to a tidy second quarter.
      • We are also communicating with the Trading Standards Authority regarding the sale of counterfeit products in street markets.
      • Food labels must be on all processed food products.

    • 1.2(creation, result)

      producto masculine
      fruto masculine
      it was all a product of his imagination todo era producto / fruto de su imaginación
      • she's a typical Harvard product es el típico producto de Harvard
      • The end result is the product of numerous ideas and decisions - and a little bit of alchemy!
      • He has done a good job, that's obvious, but you can only judge the product on the end result and that is still to come.
      • In the US and Canada, millers fortify grain, which has a knock-on effect on many products in the food chain.
      • Norton cheats a bit: his final products are actually digital outputs, but quirks of the process remain.
      • Lycopene from both processed and cooked tomato products is more bioavailable than from fresh tomatoes.
      • The particular solvent used in the extraction process affects the resulting formulation of the product.
      • Rather, they are the direct product of the influence of processes unfolding in the leading capitalist countries in the world.
      • The following subcommittee reports are a product of this consensus process.
      • Any reaction that takes place will either result in the products becoming less ordered, or heat being given off.
      • Rather, we are focused almost totally on the end result, the final product.
      • The result has a direct effect on the finished product, which is read by the public.
      • Bookstores are bursting with self-help books, most of which are products or byproducts of the psychology industry.
      • The outgoing interim government was a product of one of those deals.
      • Hawke is more than pleased with the resulting product.
      • My culture is entirely a product of the influences of my environment, and the society in which I have grown up, Canada.
      • There are many factors which influence the product that we call news.
      • The goal may have been the product of judgment followed by luck.
      • The ball sailed a mile over and the outrage that followed was the product of Novo's team-mates hollering at him.
      • This is an inevitable product of the fusion of state and corporate power.
      • Chris Brand looks at the current fashion in psychology of saying that everything we do is the product of the situations in which we find ourselves.

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    producto masculine
    • The total claimed on the work order is 63 hours and the amount charged is simply the product of that number multiplied by the hourly rate.
    • The product of zero multiplied by a debt or fortune is zero.
    • The force on an object is the product of its mass multiplied by its acceleration.
    • Finding the product of multiplicands of any length by small multipliers is accomplished using a set of rules.
    • This volume is the product of the distance between the cutting planes and the area of the polygonal ring on the base.
    • Take all the products of these multiplications and add them together.