Translation of productivity in Spanish:


productividad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌproʊˌdəkˈtɪvədi/ /ˌprɑdəkˈtɪvədi/ /prɒdʌkˈtɪvɪti/

Definition of productividad in Spanish


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    productividad feminine
    productivity bonus prima de / por productividad / rendimiento
    • productivity deal acuerdo sobre productividad
    • This erodes the reliability of the published real output and productivity measures.
    • In other sectors, productivity is measured as output divided by hours worked.
    • The report measured productivity as annual output per person employed and average output per hour worked.
    • However, for given output prices, labour productivity gains will be realized in terms of real quality improvements.
    • The trend of increasing marginal productivity from scarce inputs has continued.
    • The new technology has boosted productivity and requires fewer workers in the rail yard, he said.
    • Pay and productivity are measured in terms of the time it takes to complete a given task.
    • The productivity boost should hold down unit labor costs, which means fatter margins.
    • For profits, productivity growth at that rate will help to hold labor costs in check.
    • If economic growth is a misleading term, productivity growth is even more so.
    • Although our labour productivity rates are still low, they have picked up in the last few years.
    • Many organisations limit their productivity improvement efforts to the acquisition of skills only.
    • Comparisons with productivity growth rates in other sectors of the economy are fraught with difficulties.
    • While there has been growth in overall employment rates in Europe, productivity lags behind that of the US.
    • Poole isn't the only Fed official who sees a link between productivity and interest rates.
    • You also have to continually reduce costs, compress cycle time, improve quality and productivity.
    • It is time to increase productivity by improving the quality of work.
    • There, he was responsible for a drive that led to substantial improvements in quality, sales and productivity.
    • Recently it has done extremely well, I think because of the high productivity gains that we have been able to achieve.
    • Salary growth in the state sector should be linked to higher labour productivity in the real economy, Velchev said.