Traducción de profitable en Español:


rentable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈprɑfədəb(ə)l/ /ˈprɒfɪtəb(ə)l/


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    (company/investment/crop) rentable
    (company/investment/crop) redituable formal
    (company/investment/crop) lucrativo
    sportswear is very profitable la ropa de deporte deja un buen beneficio / margen
    • Merchants and financiers soon realized that investing in science could be a profitable business.
    • Farming is still profitable in spite of a sharp increase in the prices of agricultural inputs.
    • We follow him as he tries to turn this dream into reality, and turn the farm into a profitable business.
    • None of these books or reports suggest to me that publishing is a highly profitable business.
    • There is always pressure to obtain business, but sales have to be profitable to achieve business success.
    • Who is there to run this vastly profitable business that has had every rule rewritten to serve its interests?
    • It's just not enough to ensure that a business is as profitable as possible for its shareholders.
    • Intel has been doing this kind of thing for years, and in the past has built quite a profitable business out of it.
    • The city's latest ranking as the top dog number one place in Britain to do profitable business testifies to that.
    • It was a familiar setting and they were both looking forward to renewing a profitable business partnership.
    • Another fact is that currency exchange is a profitable business because there is demand.
    • This has become a profitable business for a few, and an effortless one for that.
    • Handsome buildings, profitable businesses and community focal points are being lost.
    • It is important, if it is to persist, that blogging should be a moderately profitable activity.
    • They expect to run the museum as a profitable business, at least in the summer.
    • Jobs, business, investment, services and tourism all follow from profitable farming.
    • He added that the government had already allowed private firms to cherry-pick profitable work.
    • This is so they can continually reinvest money into more profitable projects.
    • The enormous rise in premiums has made an unprofitable business profitable again.
    • It has approached the game as a conduit for ideas, not merely the basis of a profitable industry.
    • Noor said that she was merely taking advantage of a potentially profitable situation.
    • Cultural solutions are more valuable and profitable than technological solutions.
    • This paper prompted useful discussion, though the main discussion session was less profitable.
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    (day/journey) provechoso
    (day/journey) fructífero