Translation of profoundly in Spanish:


en profundidad, adv.

Pronunciation /prəˈfaʊndli/


  • 1

    (analyze/discuss) en profundidad
    • There's no reason why books have to be good to influence your life profoundly.
    • Modern Britain has also been profoundly shaped by its relations with continental Europe.
    • Austen understands profoundly that manners are a kind of morals.
    • Both of these cases profoundly impressed upon me the effect that dogma can have on the ability to reason.
    • Those assumptions are important because they so profoundly define us.
    • The fall of the Berlin Wall didn't claim any victims, but it did profoundly change the geopolitical scene.
    • Their presence and actions profoundly influenced the proceedings.
    • It was widely acclaimed and it profoundly boosted the study of ancient life.
    • Active listening is based on Rogers' listening skills, which have profoundly influenced clinical practice.
    • The lung/air sac system of birds profoundly affects their physiology.
    • Angell's take on my industry profoundly irritates me.
    • Their later emergence is profoundly related to the notion of change in a common law tradition.
    • She was profoundly influenced by her early years in Yorkshire, particularly the Yorkshire landscape.
    • Last year demonstrated how profoundly stock prices can affect strategies for dealing with incentive stock options.
    • Einstein found the greatest religious inspiration in music, an art form that profoundly influenced him throughout his life.
    • This concentration effect has been shown to modify profoundly the co-operative properties of multimeric enzymes.
    • These acts' provisions still profoundly affect US environmental policy today.
    • Both also were profoundly affected by Western imperialism.
    • I too am profoundly indebted to Christian Wolff.
    • He despised quacks and charlatans because he admired the power of thought and reason so profoundly.
    • On the contrary, they are often profoundly religious.
    • Without getting too philosophical, there is something inherent in technology itself which is profoundly anti-democratic.
    • Such sympathy was profoundly misdirected, comforting aggressors rather than victims.
    • I happen to think that the Labour opponents of Blair are profoundly wrong.
    • It was just an ongoing horror through profoundly depressed landscape.
    • The truth is that much of Israeli public opinion is profoundly confused at moment.
    • Learning how to manage this phenomenon is a profoundly difficult task for any state.
    • Monster is both an incredible trip and a profoundly glum experience.
    • Many more are still alive, but profoundly vulnerable.
    • American universities are profoundly guilty in this regard.
    • Martin Willoughby, 39, from Bristol, has a two-year-old daughter, Honesty, who is profoundly deaf.
    • At a local level, Labour is profoundly corrupt in terms of its relationship with the Catholic Church.
    • The AV industry is profoundly conservative, which has suited it well in the past.
    • It was profoundly absurd from the standpoint of common sense.
    • The other part of the story is that we are still profoundly ignorant about inner connections.
    • I don't advocate them for everybody but my experiences have been profoundly meaningful and illuminating.
    • My husband had lost his desire to live since my first miscarriage, and for more than two years he had been profoundly depressed.
    • Religious belief is supposed to be, not tentative or hedged, but a profound, and profoundly personal, commitment.
    • Folky, melodic, inspiring and in places profoundly poetic.
  • 2

    (affect/alter) profundamente
    I apologize most profoundly le ruego acepte mis más sinceras disculpas formal
    • profoundly ignorant people gente de una ignorancia supina
    • it's profoundly uninteresting no tiene el más mínimo interés
  • 3

    (sleep/sigh) profundamente
    he's profoundly deaf es totalmente sordo