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profuso, adj.

Pronunciación /prəˈfjus/ /prəˈfjuːs/

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    (bleeding) intenso
    she was profuse in her apologies/compliments se deshizo en disculpas/cumplidos
    • I found her profuse thanks embarrassing me agradeció tan efusivamente que me sentí incómoda
    • Amid profuse offers of distilled beverages, baloney sandwiches, and hard-boiled eggs, I got in the car and drove off.
    • After one outburst, Flaubert offered profuse apologies and swore never again to behave as he had.
    • I have been offered a profuse apology by the individual concerned, and I have accepted it.
    • The loaves crash to the floor and in the erupting chaos we are offered profuse excuses and apologies.
    • Jill offered her profuse thanks, and allowed Alex to show her around his place, but not without casting a look at me over her shoulder.
    • The network issued a profuse apology yesterday to dozens of its affiliated stations for leaving them with a black screen and without news coverage at a crucial moment on Wednesday night - the beginning of their local newscasts.
    • A quick query brought profuse apologies - her order had been mislaid.
    • You also received profuse apologies, which you richly deserved.
    • It appeared with profuse apologies from our temporary waitress.
    • In traditional surgery using scalpels, bleeding can be so profuse that patients need a blood transfusion.
    • You missed the profuse apologies, and the promise of a full refund.
    • Caution is necessary when performing venipuncture, lymph node biopsy, and bronchoscopy because there may be profuse bleeding due to the high venous pressures in the head and neck.
    • I was collapsing numerous times each day and later, very much later, of course, I was diagnosed with profuse bleeding in my stomach.
    • Equally helpful to prevent profuse bleeding is that all arteries and veins in the giraffe's legs are very internal.
    • The surgery proceeds without incident until suddenly profuse bleeding begins at the surgical site.
    • Please, nevertheless, accept our profuse and sincere apologies for this incident.
    • The collision caused severe skin wounds of the eyebrows and profuse bleeding in both players.
    • Frankly, I found his profuse apologies and repeated bowing a bit embarrassing.
    • When he was able to get to his feet he offered the man who had saved him his profuse thanks, along with a question.
    • Such profuse adulation of the rich exists side-by-side with occasional media trashing of individuals as overly piggish or personally flawed.