Translation of progress in Spanish:


progreso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɑɡrɛs/ /ˈprəʊɡrɛs/ /prəˈɡrɛs/

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  • 1

    progreso masculine
    (of situation, events) desarrollo masculine
    (of situation, events) evolución feminine
    the progress of science el progreso / los avances de la ciencia
    • he's been following the patient's/the pupil's progress ha estado siguiendo los progresos del paciente/del alumno
    • she came to check on our progress vino a ver qué tal íbamos / marchábamos
    • to make progress adelantar
    • the talks have not made much progress las conversaciones no han logrado avanzar demasiado
    • I'm making good/slow progress with my thesis estoy avanzando bien/lentamente con la tesis
    • the progress of events in Germany el desarrollo de los acontecimientos en Alemania
    • the progress of the disease was swift la enfermedad avanzó rápidamente
    • to follow the progress of a disease seguir el curso / el desarrollo / la evolución de una enfermedad
    • The college is making progress in the ongoing development of educational programmes, services and facilities.
    • A youngster who suffers from a rare neurological condition is making progress after swimming with dolphins in America.
    • Emergency crews are making progress in fixing the broken levees, but they are in a desperate race to stop the flooding.
    • The board was told of a situation where couples are left for years on end without making progress in their wished-for adoption.
    • The participants are continually assessed and reviews are held to ensure that the businesses are making progress.
    • Cheng said construction contractors were making progress and work is on time and mainly on budget.
    • After December, it will monitor the factory to see if it has made progress in improving working conditions.
    • ‘We are absolutely insistent that we are making progress on developing an integrated network,’ he says.
    • We're making progress in developing the technologies that will be able to use corn or soybeans to be the feed stock for energy.
    • We're making good progress on both fronts.
    • Olivia is making steady progress in her psychological recovery from a vicious physical assault.
    • He points to miniaturization as one area in which remarkable technological progress has outpaced serious thought on usability.
    • Considerable scientific progress has been made in understanding the causes and correlates of adolescent drug problems.
    • The later years of her reign have seen considerable economic progress, though still subject to sudden mishaps.
    • Talks started in Paris and very slow progress was made over 5 years.
    • I've also seen tremendous progress in some areas.
    • Keeping a journal or chart that tracks student progress in various areas of development also is recommended.
    • Fortunately, I have no stake in slowing technological progress.
    • The doctor will monitor your child's progress after surgery to make sure she's developing normally.
    • Would he be pleased with our progress toward peace and real love?
  • 2

    (forward movement)
    avance masculine
    the bad weather halted their progress el mal tiempo impidió su avance
    • to make progress avanzar
    • The noise went on for some considerable time as the traffic in the main street was at a standstill and, despite all the ducking and diving, forward progress was at a snail's pace.
    • In such a case the runner gets forward progress without stopping the clock.
    • Weeks passed like a leaf floating downstream, unconcerned with progress or destination.
    • I guess it's supposed to keep a person on the couch, remind him or her of home - no progress, no forward motion, no dreams.
    • Their forward progress was stopped by a report from the roaming patrol that some kind of convoy was directly ahead.
    • The footage continues showing the main unit making slow forward progress through the terrain toward the town of Marzak.
    • Stop the dribbler by slide stepping in front and blocking forward progress.
    • To stop downhill progress, prolong a turn until you are skating back uphill.
    • I keep taking little steps, then big ones, and as such make progress forward.
    • Our defensive system achieved this, but failed to complete the job with the apparently minor detail of arresting the attacker's forward progress.
    • I think what was referred to there was the forward progress of the hurricane.
    • As he made contact, his body was overcome with overwhelming pain and his forward progress slowed dramatically.
    • He shuffled his feet, dug in his heels, resisted his forward progress with every ounce of his strength, but it was no use.
    • They trudged through the blowing sands making little forward progress.
    • A gooey mix of muddy leaves will glom onto your tires, pack up in the nooks of your fork and frame and slow your forward progress.
    • His gray eyes scanned the hallway quickly before he began his forward progress past the students he would be seeing for the next nine months.
    • It took three men to stop his progress, and as the ball was switched to the right by Erwin, Andrew Edgar had come across from the left to create the extra man and score.
    • However, slowly, after several breaks and around four hours, we made progress, eventually stopping at the top of the steepest chute to break for lunch.
    • Janet's naked arms were scratched and bleeding from trekking through the rough bamboo jungle but the pain didn't stop her progress.
    • Motorists have little patience for anything that will impede their already slow progress.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (work/science/technology) progresar
    (work/science/technology) avanzar
    (work/science/technology) adelantar
    how is your new house progressing? ¿qué tal va la construcción de la casa?
    • as the talks progressed a medida que iban avanzando / desarrollándose las conversaciones
    • as the evening progressed a medida que pasaban las horas
    • she quickly progressed up the scale rápidamente fue escalando posiciones (en el escalafón)
    • I never progressed beyond elementary calculus nunca pasé del cálculo elemental
    • Consequently, the majority of key avian traits do not progress towards the avian condition!
    • I accept his evidence that her condition was progressing normally until he found the cysts.
    • Then I had dreams of a nation progressing towards prosperity and empowerment.
    • However, as she grew and her disease progressed, Marisa's condition deteriorated.
    • As the condition progressed, the children's arms seemed to grow longer and their fingers curled under.
    • The index provides a numerical indicator of how well a developing system is progressing toward its threshold performance requirements.
    • As the film progresses towards an inevitably downbeat conclusion, this becomes increasingly problematic.
    • It then puts in place a system which keeps constant track of how the department is progressing towards its goals, known as the ‘trajectory’.
    • He may, though, settle for defeat as long as the performance provides further proof that his young charges are progressing along the development curve.
    • By using water as efficiently as possible on my farm I feel I am slowly progressing towards fulfilling these commitments.
    • We are progressing towards a landscape which blurs the line between the mediascape and material reality.
    • She's come on so much over the last two or three years and is progressing towards a great standard of judo.
    • TB is a condition which progresses slowly and can lay dormant for months.
    • Her condition had progressed too far for surgery to be successful and she was eventually diagnosed as being brain dead.
    • He progressed smoothly through the beginner ranks, eventually competing in enough races for an upgrade to sport.
    • Without a lung transplant she will die shortly as the disease is progressing rapidly.
    • The disease progresses more rapidly in children than in adults.
    • On one level, things have not progressed very far.
    • The work is progressing at a steady rate and should be completed on schedule.
    • She loved her studies and progressed at a rate that amazed her instructors.
  • 2

    (patient) mejorar
    his Spanish is progressing va adelantando / haciendo progresos en español