Translation of prohibit in Spanish:


prohibir, v.

Pronunciation /prəˈhɪbɪt/ /proʊˈhɪbɪt/ /prə(ʊ)ˈhɪbɪt/

Definition of prohibir in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    to prohibit sb from -ing prohibirle a algn + inf
    fishing in the lake is prohibited está prohibido / se prohíbe pescar en el lago
    • There, for example, the Court held that drug laws can prohibit the use of the narcotic peyote in a religious ceremony.
    • Polygynous marriages were not prohibited by colonial law.
    • Only business communications are covered unless the policy specifically prohibits private use of e-mail and the internet.
    • Canadian law and its regulations do not prohibit off-label use of devices.
    • The legislation expressly prohibits having the devices in rooms, according to Asher.
    • The club wishes to remind all members that all shooting and hunting is strictly prohibited due to the present circumstances.
    • The Convention explicitly prohibits the use of such measures to deter asylum seekers from seeking to enter a country.
    • The bill also prohibits outright a number of activities that are deemed to be unacceptable in this country.
    • What the regulations do is prohibit the importation of guns.
    • The first order says it seeks an injunction prohibiting certain conduct.
    • No disciplinary action was taken because our rules prohibit substances, not antibodies.
    • Another three of the orders prohibited imports or exports.
    • All characters belong to me and any use without my permission is prohibited.
    • Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.
    • I think it is fine to prohibit smoking when there are no other options.
    • A few operators advocated province-wide regulations to prohibit smoking in all restaurants.
    • In certain circumstances, including this case, such broadcasts are prohibited without the consent of the ITC.
    • The U.S. prohibits fishing sharks solely for their fins, which are a delicacy in Asia.
    • Gil went on to explain that climbing with ropes was prohibited in the area.
    • The selling and serving of alcohol will be prohibited in the areas with restricted access.
  • 2

    to prohibit sb from -ing
    • Nurses may be presented with exceptional or life-threatening situations prohibiting the use of assistive patient handling equipment.
    • The efficiency audit said there were too many vested local interests on health boards, which prevent change and prohibit the delivery of a value-for-money service.
    • A low fluid level switch is provided to prohibit operation and prevent potential burnout if solution falls below a pre-set level.
    • Mutation prevention is essential to prohibit a bacterium from developing resistance to antibiotics to which it is exposed.
    • What if circumstances prohibit us from pursuing anything further?
    • Encourage your child to get involved in activities that prohibit smoking, such as sports.
    • There were no periods of inclement weather that might have prohibited hunting during that time.