Translation of prohibitive in Spanish:


prohibitivo, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈhɪbədɪv/ /proʊˈhɪbədɪv/ /prə(ʊ)ˈhɪbɪtɪv/

Definition of prohibitivo in Spanish


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    (price/cost) prohibitivo
    the time involved is prohibitive el tiempo que requiere lo hace prohibitivo
    • Starks remains at the top of the team's list, but his asking price is prohibitive.
    • Despite the prohibitive price tag, there is no sign of a downturn at the top end of the property market with only 12 of the 27 houses still unsold.
    • Lack of availability of imported produce, coupled with prohibitive prices, dictate that cooks use what is available locally.
    • They say the charges are prohibitive, and so are parking instead on a different site behind the Railway Institute gymnasium.
    • The choreographer feels high ticket prices are prohibitive to most people and make the arts appear elitist.
    • Gone are the days when game was seen as elitist because of prohibitive prices.
    • The infamous wallpaper tax, introduced in England in 1712, did not take effect here until 1797 when it caused the already prohibitive price to double.
    • The scarcity of pieces coupled with their frequently prohibitive prices means that if you're not already a proud owner or in line for an inheritance, you will probably never get your hands on any.
    • The club probably would like to have Tillman back, as long as the price isn't prohibitive.
    • The cost of car travel becomes prohibitive with the new charges and the cost in time and inconvenience because of the poor public transport system is unreasonable.
    • It is possible to use our cellular phone to link to the Internet but I fear the charges might be prohibitive.
    • Had she therefore known that I was the prospective buyer, she may not have chosen to sell the bar to me, or she could have significantly increased her asking price to make it prohibitive for me to make the purchase.
    • Naturally, everyone liked the idea of a fighter but prices were more than prohibitive and, at the best, only one additional member besides the pilot could be taken aloft.
    • If you feel the cost is too prohibitive, then get a group of people together and share vanes.
    • Many shooters think ivory is the ultimate dressing for a fine gun, but the cost is often prohibitive.
    • He wished to provide golf and other sporting facilities which families could use and enjoy without the cost being prohibitive.
    • Additionally, conventional medical treatment may be financially prohibitive, especially for those lacking insurance.
    • The cost to have an exterminator catch a few rodents should not be prohibitive.
    • However, the costs of the necessary hardware and software make it prohibitive, at least in the near future.
    • The resources needed would be huge and even then the cost factor would prove prohibitive.