Translation of prolonged in Spanish:


prolongado, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈlɔŋd/ /prəˈlɒŋd/

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    • Drought is a prolonged, abnormally dry period when there is not enough water to meet normal or expected needs.
    • These drugs can be continued under the supervision of your doctor for prolonged periods.
    • There will be a prolonged recovery period because of the damage the lorry sustained and its precarious position.
    • To avoid missing too many bites it pays to hold the rod at all times, perhaps using a front rest to steady the tip when fishing for prolonged periods.
    • The prolonged period of peace in Europe has created a dangerous temptation to neglect our defences, both physical and psychological.
    • Currently I'm suffering from a prolonged period of insomnia.
    • Lack of snow last winter, almost no rain in spring or summer and searing temperatures for prolonged periods have had a major impact on the grape harvest.
    • His international career will also be put on hold for the autumn internationals while he begins a prolonged recovery period.
    • It retreated in subsequent periods of prolonged dryness, leaving deposits of sediments.
    • With surgical procedures to follow, it can mean a prolonged period in hospital and recuperating afterwards at home.
    • I love it, but it's a little hard to read because it's heavy and hard to hold up for prolonged periods of time.
    • Then there was that period of prolonged negotiation, which we have captured on video.
    • There are plenty of potatoes in the ground and it looks like a prolonged drought or difficult harvest will be required to lift prices.
    • The announcement yesterday was the culmination of a period of prolonged difficulties for Mr Richards.
    • Because of the prolonged dry spell, drought had hit various parts of the region.
    • Ironically, areas of Korea are currently being afflicted by a prolonged drought.
    • It is possible that prices could mark time for a prolonged period while earnings catch up.
    • Symptoms need to have been present for a prolonged period of time for a true diagnosis to be made.
    • We would view any period of prolonged weakness in the oil sector as a buying opportunity.
    • With two single player campaigns, Enclave provides a lengthy and prolonged battle for both sides.