Translation of promise in Spanish:


promesa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɑməs/ /ˈprɒmɪs/

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  • 1

    promesa feminine
    he made a promise that he would return prometió que volvería
    • I'll see what I can do, but I can't make any promises veré lo que puedo hacer, pero no puedo prometer nada
    • to keep one's promise cumplir (con) su (or mi etc.) promesa
    • you broke your promise no cumpliste (con) tu promesa
    • We have been hearing the same promises and assurances for more than 10 years now.
    • It has failed to receive firm guarantees or promises from either side.
    • All the promises, all the assurances, were broken.
    • Unfortunately, the international community does not always back up their generous promises of help with firm commitments.
    • Who is going to be taken in by promises or assurances in election time?
    • The people nurse deep alienation with the political system and cynicism about the democratic process due to their sad experience of broken promises and forgotten assurances.
    • Most important, information exchange in the private sector is regulated by contract law, and firms that break their promises can pay a price.
    • With the clock ticking, regeneration bosses have reiterated promises of support to help inexperienced organisations draw up strong applications to access the funds.
    • Despite promises of support for people who say they cannot afford to pay tuition fees, the Government has still been accused of pricing higher education out of many people's reach.
    • Later, corruption and broken election promises are almost certain.
    • Having to see him and listen to him make empty promises makes me so sad.
    • A solemn promise was also made at the end.
    • He ruined her with his empty, broken promises and his declarations of imaginary friendship.
    • The Government has angered tenant farmers by not keeping a pre-election promise to introduce a retirement scheme.
    • However, they insist that the government's promises have been broken.
    • Vague promises of unspecified future salvation just don't cut it in today's market.
    • Like many others, he was lured away by promises of a richer life.
    • Educated and ambitious, they are lured here by the promise of material acquisition.
    • We will not hand over our consciences in return for a hollow promise of safety.
    • The promise of the reward was too much of an enticement for the migrant workers to resist.
  • 2

    (grounds for hope)
    his work was full of / showed a lot of promise su trabajo prometía mucho / era muy prometedor
    • a runner who shows promise un corredor que promete
    • the discovery held out the promise of an eventual cure el descubrimiento daba esperanzas de que se llegaría a encontrar una cura
    • he didn't live up to his early promise no estuvo a la altura de lo que prometía en un comienzo / de lo que se esperaba de él

transitive verb

  • 1

    to promise sb sth, to promise sth to sb prometerle algo a algn
    to promise to + inf prometer + inf / prometer que + ind
    • The reduction in my expenses in a certain way was something that I definitely promised to do if I got this money.
    • I definitely don't promise to stop hoping that you'll bury the hatchet already.
    • An inspector arrived later and promised to have the job done last Friday.
    • Bosses have promised to find alternative jobs within the company for as many people as possible.
    • It has therefore been necessary to redefine what was meant by the job they promised to complete.
    • He had left his job and had promised in his resignation letter to repay all the money.
    • You'll notice I'm not suggesting anyone should promise to lose weight, spend more time with loved ones, write a book or phone mother more often.
    • For the unemployed, he is promising to create 200,000 jobs a year.
    • I'm not promising we'll win it, but I can assure all the supporters that we're determined to give it our best shot.
    • After an assessment, these advisors promise to deliver strategic suggestions to move your career to the next level.
    • The Federal Government is promising to ‘reduce significantly’ the problem of family benefit overpayments.
    • He had also promised not to tell his parents.
    • The Labour manifesto also promised a review of the postal services act.
    • Politicians promise what they want, not what they can do.
    • The government has already promised to have 25,000 officers in place by 2008.
    • The government promises to keep up its side of the bargain only if the defendant cooperates.
    • He pointed out that many governments have promised to abolish it but nothing has happened to date.
    • The president promised to abolish emergency laws and create an electoral system where all parties have a chance to participate.
    • Magazines base their ad rates on how many eyes they can promise to deliver.
    • "He won't hurt you, " Ally promised with a smile.
  • 2

    (give indication of)
    it promises to be an exciting week promete ser una semana emocionante
    • Even more than the transfer of power at the top of the party, this change promises fundamental transformation of the political order itself.
    • This play promises a surprise finale that will shock not only the audience, but the actors as well.
    • The crackdown is not aimed at organised firework shows and tonight promises a feast of spectacular events.
    • NW Chamber Orchestra's first concert promises an exciting new season
    • The forthcoming concert promises to be entertaining and varied, with music from all styles and genres.
    • Last year a record number of 20,000 spectators enjoyed the show and this year's ‘Green is Clean’ theme promises an even better event.
    • For the profession it promises the most radical change they have faced, with talk of 24-hour cover, extended working hours and new grades of consultant.
    • A three-day extravaganza, this festival promises something for everyone.
    • The tandoori food festival promises the most delectable of your favourite cuisine.
    • The election is already promising to be a turning point in Italian politics.
    • Each merger promised to deliver bigger and better results for both customers and shareholders.
    • So with that kind of forward power it promises to be an afternoon's hard work ahead.
    • Mr Holland said that he was looking forward to what promised to be the best festival yet.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (swear) jurar
    I did, I promise! ¡lo hice, te lo juro!
    • I won't laugh, I promise no me voy a reír, te lo prometo
    • but you promised! ¡pero si me (or nos etc.) lo prometiste!