Translation of promote in Spanish:


ascender, v.

Pronunciation /prəˈmoʊt/ /prəˈməʊt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(raise in rank)

      (employee) ascender
      (officer/public employee) ascender
      (officer/public employee) promover
      he was promoted (to) supervisor/colonel lo ascendieron a supervisor/coronel
      • Don't be sad, he was promoted to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer on March 1, 1975.
      • By 1969 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.
      • He was promoted to his current position in 1998.
      • Indigenous people were promoted to leading positions in the state and communist parties, and given preference for employment over Russians.
      • He was promoted to the rank of Captain the following year.
      • In April 1974 she was promoted to the position of driver, where she remained until her retirement earlier this year.
      • In September 1965 she was promoted to the rank of sergeant.
      • In May 2003, he was promoted to the highest rank of cadet officer.
      • Only two months ago he was promoted to the rank of corporal.
      • Your ambitious nature will be rewarded as you are promoted to a prominent position in your profession.
      • Recalled to his old regiment at the outbreak of the war, he was rapidly promoted to the rank of lieutenant and then captain.
      • Robbie was also promoted to the rank of Assistant Commander.
      • They were newly promoted to division presidents, in preparation for splitting the company into two separate publicly traded entities.
      • Maupin was recently promoted to Sergeant, his second promotion since his capture.
      • As of this moment, you will be promoted to the rank of Colonel.
      • Here he was promoted to captain at the age of 29 and commanded a battleship.
      • Only when every company truly promotes on the basis of merit can we ignore gender in the workplace.
      • He was to remain at MIT, being promoted to assistant professor in 1925.
      • He became a pilot in 1921 and was eventually promoted to lieutenant colonel during World War II.
      • In 1993, he was promoted to deputy director general of the department.

    • 1.2US School

      she was promoted to fifth grade pasó / fue promovida a quinto

    • 1.3British Sport

      United were promoted to the Second Division United subió / ascendió a segunda división

  • 2

    • 2.1(encourage)

      (research/good relations) promover
      (research/good relations) fomentar
      (research/good relations) potenciar
      (peace/free trade) promover
      (peace/free trade) fomentar
      (growth) estimular
      • I wish Croydon Council would actively encourage and promote the development of roof gardens in the borough.
      • I was employed as a shift supervisor and was expected to have my crew work with unsafe equipment and this was actively encouraged and promoted by the site manager and foreman.
      • Tang said the government is actively promoting competition by allowing more oil companies to become established in Hong Kong and encouraging the opening of more petrol stations.
      • A planning officer should encourage and promote development within set parameters.
      • I would encourage our council to actively promote our communities' financial obligations, goals and long-term vision.
      • We want to encourage, celebrate, support and promote youth volunteerism in our community.
      • The European Commission is actively encouraging member states to promote the early teaching of languages.
      • We will work on the establishment of a structure in which Japan can more actively promote international peace cooperation.
      • I never saw a BBC journalist actively promote his own political agenda.
      • Meanwhile, many non-governmental organizations are also promoting sustainable development.
      • The US government also promotes their own political agenda through funding for international aid organizations.
      • Ironically, formula companies promote breastfeeding, fund breastfeeding research, and keep breastfeeding statistics.
      • We can support research into methods to effectively promote abstinence.
      • Are you aware of other international organizations which promote democracy and freedom?
      • Used externally or internally, turmeric promotes healing in cases of trauma or injury.
      • Lastly, echinacea, goldenseal and alfalfa may alleviate symptoms and promote healing.
      • Her work is to promote breastfeeding through working with the health boards' public health divisions.
      • What information has the Minister received on initiatives that are taking place this week to promote breastfeeding?
      • Do you promote recycling as a form of responsible waste disposal?
      • To promote flowering, apply a complete fertilizer in late winter or early spring.

    • 2.2(advocate)


  • 3

    • 3.1

      (product/service) promocionar
      (product/service) dar(le) publicidad a
      a tour to promote their latest album una gira para dar(le) publicidad a / para promocionar su último álbum

    • 3.2

      (concert/boxing match) organizar
      • The mortgage company has launched a large advertising campaign to promote the product, First Start Mortgage.
      • E-Business City has been created exclusively for retailers to promote their web-based products and services.
      • A special ‘Wall of Values’ at the front of the store promotes products on sale each week.
      • In cases such as the launch of a new brand of cigarette, sales promotion events are sometimes the only vehicle used to promote the product, primarily due to the limitations placed on advertising the product.
      • Several companies are hoping airlines will allow advertisers to promote products on the airplanes themselves, specifically on tray tables.
      • He said the show will offer the ideal business vehicle and an excellent opportunity for all in business to market and promote their products and services.
      • Choosing the right mix of advertising media to promote your products and services has never been more important
      • Our technical experts at the lab also work with our sales force to promote our products and to help our customers improve their products as well.
      • A dealer can buy from various distributors, and we're supporting it with real incentives to encourage distributor sales people to promote the product.
      • They want to know how exactly you are going to use their cash to promote the product in the marketplace.
      • Advertisers are hired to promote these products and services to specific markets based on a careful calculation of a target population's propensity to consume.
      • If it goes according to plan, these clients will advertise on the shows created and produced by the partnership as well as promote their products and services in the programs.
      • For instance, The Body Shop produces and promotes its product lines with environmental and social sensitivity as a major theme.
      • No one can promote American products better than Americans.
      • They stay on message, find mistakes, and promote their product.
      • Instead of getting a star to promote a product, he wondered, why not have the star launch the product?
      • His face has been used to promote numerous products, ranging from Guinness stout to Newbridge watches.
      • Hamilton believes that the pros of using celebrities to promote products tend to far outweigh the cons.
      • They heavily promote their own products and when customers don't buy them, they become rude.
      • In New South Wales, two major advertising campaigns are currently promoting awareness of occupational health and safety issues.