Translation of proofread in Spanish:


corregir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈprufˌrid/ /ˈpruːfriːd/

Definition of corregir in Spanish

transitive verb proofread, proofread

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    • Such companies will translate, edit, and proofread your material, and gather it all into the proper format, usually for between 20 cents and 30 cents a word.
    • After translation into these languages, the PIE was proofread for accuracy by different professional translators in the same translation agency.
    • If I had that kind of influence, all my students would do the reading every week, proofread their papers meticulously and attend every class.
    • It's fine to help explain an assignment or proofread an occasional paper, but make sure both of you are pulling your own weight.
    • Later, I applied for a job in the advertising department of a magazine, and while working there wrote some articles and proofread the magazine each month.
    • Make sure it's well written and proofread your letter carefully.
    • Even when authors carefully check their work, and editors edit it and proofreaders proofread it, things go wrong.
    • After that, the same editor or another editor should proofread the manuscript and correct typos, grammatical errors and misspelled words.
    • He made no effort to publish them and did not bother to correct or proofread those his acting company printed.
    • Because of his father's occupation as a printer, Fuller developed early on a love of reading and writing, particularly when Fuller's father asked him to proofread some of his work.
    • Though I skimmed through things as I wrote it, it has not been proofread.
    • I will continue to update often since most of the other chapters are already written, but are still being proofread.
    • My piece for the local book periodical is in the electronic mail this evening; I must have proofread it about five times.
    • They note that they have not been proofread, and that there may be errors in the number counts or even the voting records themselves.
    • Proofread everything a hundred times and have one other person proofread it.
    • I never got a chance to see layouts beforehand, approve changes, or proofread anything.
    • I had a chance to proofread the book for Peter during the writing process, and I can tell you that this is the complete reference guide to all aspects of computer virus research.
    • Already in high school, he had indexed and proofread his father Irwin's texbook, and, by all accounts, had improved it in other nontrivial ways.
    • The next chapter (thirty-whatever) is in the process of being proofread.
    • Final drafts of essays, assignments and lab reports are reviewed and proofread by highly knowledgable graduate students with refined writing skills.

intransitive verb proofread, proofread

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    corregir pruebas