Translation of propel in Spanish:


propulsar, v.

Pronunciation /prəˈpɛl/

Definition of propulsar in Spanish

transitive verb propelling, propelled, propelled

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    (plane/ship) propulsar
    (plane/ship) impulsar
    to propel sb toward disaster llevar / conducir a algn hacia el desastre
    • to propel oneself lanzarse
    • But he found he could propel himself forward by pushing off against the sides with his feet.
    • The propeller or the jet engine of an aircraft pushes air backwards to propel the aircraft forward.
    • And you'll get the added boost of an extra body propelling the boat forward.
    • A stroke consists of four components that have to be completed perfectly to propel the boat forward as fast as possible.
    • As the body continues to move forward over the new stance foot, that leg extends to provide extra thrust, which propels the body forward into the next step.
    • And as the bends move back, they push against the ground, propelling the snake forward.
    • As the dimple moves, it acts like an oar, pushing against the surrounding water and creating a force that propels the spider forward.
    • He takes a seat directly behind, and as the bus lurches off, propelling us forward in our seats, he closes his eyes, just for a millisecond longer than strictly required.
    • If you were so inspired, you could actually learn to work the big red wheels in the proper manner to propel you forward.
    • Placing advertising material on a mechanically propelled vehicle is also an offence.
    • A magnetic force propelled me forward, then flung me through the steel door.
    • Their leathery wings beat against the blackness in steady flaps, propelling them forward.
    • She propels my quivering body forward with her arm that's on my shoulder.
    • The wave can also propel solid projectiles, such as cannonballs.
    • Use your arms to help propel you upward and to control the movement.
    • I use the last amount of my remaining strength to propel myself upward.
    • Solar sails will use the sun's energy to propel spacecraft across the cosmos.
    • One U.S. team propelled a spacecraft to 68,000 feet, or about 13 miles.
    • As such, they don't propel the craft through the water very well!
    • An intricate system of magnetic fields propelled the craft along and away from Earth.
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