Translation of prophetic in Spanish:


profético, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈfɛdɪk/ /prəˈfɛtɪk/


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    • The photo finish judge was to prove his words prophetic.
    • Any writer can end up being prophetic, a predictor of the coming gloom.
    • And who are the most successfully prophetic when it comes to predicting the future?
    • Was it all a dream, or a prophetic vision of warning?
    • His visionary voice is potentially stifled by sorrow and grief, and he attempts to contain that dangerous erosion of his prophetic vision.
    • How about the Norse practice of dancing until going into a trance to be able to gain prophetic insights?
    • If they're right they can pull their dusty prediction out of the archives and look prophetic.
    • His words looked to have a prophetic ring as the Scots came of age in an enthralling and ebbing battle of two sporting codes.
    • On his next run, after a circuit or so of Exeter, my words were confirmed as cruelly prophetic.
    • These events function as pessimistic and prophetic metaphors, not optimistic of the future.
    • The debacle at the Dome has proved to be prophetic.
    • He was a prophetic poet with an individual and social message for the age in which he lived.
    • Yet in the context of 1935, the closing words also seem strangely prophetic.
    • His words sound eerily prophetic for the situation today.
    • His words prove prophetic, as the kid are left disappointed.
    • Well, it was eerily prophetic.
    • There can be no question that the church assumed itself capable of authoritative prophetic utterances.
    • Sometimes I try to think about having prophetic dreams, but it never happens.
    • Dreamers might also experience prophetic dreams that they would convey to others to forestall danger.
    • How prophetic those words were, especially the last two points, written in 1966!