Translation of proposition in Spanish:


propuesta, n.

Pronunciation /ˌprɑpəˈzɪʃ(ə)n/ /prɒpəˈzɪʃ(ə)n/

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    • 1.1

      (suggestion) propuesta feminine
      (suggestion) proposición feminine
      (offer) oferta feminine
      her proposition that we should work together su propuesta / proposición de trabajar / de que trabajemos juntos
      • they made me an attractive proposition concerning the house me hicieron una oferta interesante por la casa
      • If you are coming to it fresh, take in your proposition and the business plan, and take it from there.
      • She also approaches businesses with propositions for aid in all forms.
      • Investing in a club should not be viewed as a business proposition, merely an emotional investment.
      • Our leading article in the same edition condemned the supermarket proposal and suggested that such a proposition would be better suited to a redeveloped Myrtle Walk.
      • Gone are the days of 1999 to 2001 when certain business propositions were funded at valuations based on overoptimistic revenue streams.
      • And he also told an Edinburgh audience that there were immense business propositions if nations were prepared to work together.
      • The exhibition aims at popularising horticulture and related activities as viable business propositions.
      • Let me be clear: As a business proposition, consolidation makes sense.
      • According to the hotel authorities, the pool is a business proposition and a health choice, both of which have become non-negotiable for many a discerning customer.
      • I have looked at this as a business proposition.
      • It's about building a business and a value proposition.
      • At the end of the day it is a business proposition for the company.
      • My mother sometimes served my fudge ice cream at her dinner parties, and one of the guests was so impressed she called me the next day - not just to congratulate me, but with a business proposition.
      • What I don't understand is, if it is not a viable proposition to expand my business, how come so many new establishments are opening almost daily?
      • A magazine is a business proposition, and ads pay for the magazine.
      • As soon as some people view you as successful they offer you one of the dumbest business propositions ever.
      • As part of our revised proposition, we are offering to create a new and safer parking area, in line with the surgery's needs.
      • The right proposition offered to well-targeted customers will bring more success.
      • Every organization offers a value proposition that says, in effect: We will deliver something of value to you at a specified price.
      • Could the reason perhaps have been that general opinion was very much against the proposition?
      • There is authority for the proposition that a wrong opinion is both unreasonable and capable of constituting a flagrant impropriety.
      • On my view, to believe something is to hold a proposition in your mind assertively.
      • Now, you know, in my opinion, it's an absurd proposition.
      • The mischievous core of her opinion lies in the proposition that ‘diversity’ is a compelling government interest.
      • Even then, it is not the easiest proposition to grasp.
      • The responses of those 41% are consistent with the central proposition of this article.
      • Rather than testing the effectiveness of a theory in clinical practice, basic research tests the validity of the propositions of the theory.
      • He uses his exploration of these long-forgotten characters and their arcane quarrels to advance three propositions.
      • Against that, the following propositions can shortly be advanced.
      • Mindful of this caution, it is, nevertheless, possible to advance the following propositions.
      • The result has been a number of studies that have tested many of his core assumptions and propositions.
      • He goes on to cite a number of experts to support this proposition, including some of the smartest guys in the field of national security and force structure.
      • Yet, surprisingly, there is little empirical evidence for this proposition.
      • The guy pauses a moment, then grants that this proposition seems doubtful.
      • I don't know that it's a slam dunk that this proposition is particularly sound.
      • You're saying that the leaders of other nations are buyable, and that is not an acceptable proposition.
      • Without a much more thorough linkage between theory and fact, the book's central historical and theoretical propositions must be viewed as unproven.
      • I do not agree with the propositions of the member.
      • The authors offer some propositions which I take to be logically flawed.
      • I do not accept the propositions involved in that.

    • 1.2(sexual)

      proposición deshonesta feminine euphemistic
      invitación a la cama feminine
      • James watched her leave and thought over the proposition Veronica had offered to him.
      • It suddenly occurred to her why Kyle had offered the proposition in the first place.
      • Two pages of the book deal with a sexual proposition, including hints at oral sex.
      • After winning a local rodeo a college friend of her brother offers her a proposition she can't refuse.
      • Unfortunately Michelle mistakes Jim's fumbling proposal of marriage at a posh restaurant as a sexual proposition.
      • Today, it seems users barely bat an eye when greeted with propositions for ‘raw’ sex.
      • Half those guys are introducing propositions involving bathrooms and back-alleys.

  • 2

    proposición feminine
    (argument) proposición feminine
    • In 1934 Gödel gave a series of lectures at Princeton entitled On undecidable propositions of formal mathematical systems.
    • For example, Spinoza's Ethics has the same format as Euclid's Elements, containing propositions and demonstrations.
    • Book One discusses his laws of motion then proceeds to a series of propositions, theorems and problems.
    • This second commentary is on al-Samarqandi's famous short work of only 20 pages in which he discusses thirty-five of Euclid's propositions.
    • Theoretical propositions and recommendations were used in various conditions.
  • 3

    living alone was an inviting proposition le atraía la idea de vivir solo
    • it's not a viable proposition no es viable
    • that's a different proposition eso ya es otro cantar

transitive verb

  • 1

    hacerle proposiciones deshonestas a euphemistic
    invitar a la cama
    • The five are charged with propositioning men and then pretending to be police officers, handcuffing the men, and then robbing them.
    • In the one reported staff incident, a male officer subtly propositioned the woman.
    • Then, he commenced to begin propositioning a whore in a profane courtship that last an hour or so until Rupert dragged him out.
    • I nearly stumbled into a well-hidden traveller's camp and, on my way home, I was propositioned by a rent-boy.
    • But even in my close company, she was propositioned several times!
    • The problems of managing sexuality were also at the heart of her street-corner research with prostitutes, punters, and the police - though she was as likely to be spat on by other women as she was propositioned by men.
    • Prostitutes have been propositioning customers and begging for money.
    • The features tell us if that person is a threat, if they are sexually propositioning us, cowering before us or merely sleeping.
    • She said prostitutes propositioned builders who were working on her house.
    • The oft-cited fact that he had ‘a wife and child at home’ when he was propositioning women is not relevant to sexual harassment.
    • She spoke of how her immediate boss propositioned her and sexually harassed her.
    • Then two years later, her boss propositions her again.
    • Oh don't worry - I'm not propositioning you on your wedding day, I'm just complimenting you and being honest.
    • In the excruciating moment when we finally see him propositioning the girl, the look on his face reveals a man absolutely broken by his temptation.
    • How was I supposed to know she was propositioning me?
    • All through high school and even college, she had men propositioning her.
    • Jacob looked into my eyes as if he were propositioning me to go back to his place.
    • Bryce saw her walking down the steps, and thought of the French-Canadian girl, who had all but propositioned him the last time they had worked together.
    • ‘He's propositioned every girl in our class at least once,’ she blurted out.
    • Some men whom he had propositioned sexually refused to be interviewed, either on or off the record.